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Monday, October 29, 2007

Timbre last week with bearbear Addie, Serena and the lovebirds Dawn and Miguel- "We're gonna go take a walk now" haha what if we had said Oh okay we'll come along.

Cabbed to school for PW today, stupid Chinese As finished an hour late, Warren and Gameboy kept me company in the canteen.

No PW in the end ):

I'm totally penniless ))): Like zero cents and owe money haha and it's only Monday.
And I REFUSE to withdraw more money from my poor account. Although I attempted to, twice, but Cine's machines insisted on a min. $50 withdrawal to which I shall not torture my account with sigh..

Watched The Seeker with Jesslyn, Jeannie and Angel. Er don't watch the storyline's pretty immature and predictable.

First time I'm gonna be spending two whole months holiday in Singapore because ta-daah, I am not going France this year.
Got what to do ah. I want flexible job with flexible hours and flexible working days haha. And yoga/kickboxing class.

My latest hobby is watching Simpsons episodes online er..
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