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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
OP went quite alright, hopefully we won't be SAJC's 3rd batch to continuously perform horribly at PW.

Met Kimberly! Haha we called Shaun down to town to bring us Classified Ads, we circled the ads like in movies and crossed them out. Kimberly though doing telesurvey would be cool cos can work from home and we agreed till she told us each survey only pays 50CENTS..

Sophie: I still know xxxxxx's number by heart
Kim: I know xxxxx's first 4 numbers
Sophie: Big deal I know the first 3 numbers to the police

Darrell was appalled that the only number I know is 999 for the police errr well...

In the end Kimberly and I accompanied Shaun back to school for his rugby training where we occupied ourselves with SamThio's Nintendo, Kimberly sucks at Diner and Dash or whatever it's called haha and she refused to play my Harry Potter Gameboy ):

Looked through Mok's H1 Math paper, he got ZERO for it
Q: What is the rate of change?
A: Very fast

Dinner with Shaun and Kimberly at PS omg whole day in school uniform so unglam.

Cycling! At East Coast Park, we visited Justin working at McCafe, yeahhh free drinks (((:

Shaun, Jeannie and I took bicycles (although I switched with Jonita for skates near the end) while Darrell, Kimberly, Sijia and Jonita took rollerblades.

I'm so awesomezzzz I took all these while cycling okay:
(god knows why I can only lift my right hand and control with my left alone but not vice versa)

Kimberly, Jonita, Sijia

Er Darrell the Elusive Skater loh

After I switched with Jonita, she took my bicycly and me her rollerblades.
And then Sijia and Jonita fell down hahaha:

Justin at McCafe!

(Kimberly's tiptoeing this time)

The two men of the night lorz haha

The boys left to watch soccer and the Eastsiders went home (Jonita in the midst of OLevels please! tsk tsk), leaving Jeannie and I.
We ate at Kenny Roger's, haven't had it in ages omg I lovelovelove their macaroni cheese. Jeannie is tiptoeing...

Haha I told her to stand in front of me so that she'd look taller in perspective.

Shaun left his keys with me and he didn't need me to return them to him till we met on Monday :o which girl he staying over at huh huh okay keeedingzz his parents at home haha.

Damn long way home for Jeannie and I please, 36 back to town then 162 home cos she stays not far from me.

Ouch my ass hurts real bad from riding the bicycle but at least I'm being healthy!

CIP early early in the morning (report at 7.10am) thank god it was at Bishan Park so like 10mins bus from my house.

ADDIE DIDN'T TURN UP I was all alone didn't know anyone ):
Made friends, and we were supposed to accompany old folk on their walk but I don't even speak Chinese and the old folk totally in their own pairs and cliques haha.

So basically CIP ended up just turning up to walk supposedly 2.2km but we got bored near the end and cut to the playground swing swing etc for a very long time and eventually found out the other volunteers had gotten dismissed ages ago.

Met Addie at J8 omg we were unglam to the max. We headed down to the supermarket wah culinary adventure, so happy bought cookie mix, soba noodles and sauce, pudding mix etc etc

Made pudding as soon as I got home but it kinda tastes like custard...
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