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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Headed across the Causeway (ie to MALAYSIA) with Phebe and Sherry for lunch the other day. Ate at a place called Arnold's where they serve like whole fried chickens and all but doesn't matter cos only Phebe ordered that, Sherry and I had Fish and Chips.

Ahem and as usual they lament that I eat very slowly.

Back to Singapore and our good old MRTs, here's displaying my wound
poor me poor me poor me ))):

We decided to go to Sherry's house to swim and Phebe and I had to borrow her bikinis and you can imagine OUR HORROR.
Phebe: "Eh I can actually fill your this bikini except that I'm still wearing my bra."

Haha funny bunny, Sherry very busty what, don't believe me can check out the following pictures.. And er, Phebe and I not very..

Took the least ill-fitting swimsuits and down to the pool I was very worried for my wound!


Hihi this is Sophie

Haha vair vair scared to go underwater cos scared my wound pain..

"It's giant balloons! No it's papaya! WAIT, it's Sherry's boobs!"

So I sat at the edge of the pool. And they started splashing me despite my dismayed shrieks for fear that my wound would get wet.

Phebe and Sherry: So pain not?!!?!!

Haha okay dokay into the pool, not that we swam, we just ended up sitting in the jacuzzi discussing life's important issues harhar my ass just nonsense as usual.

Teehee we bathed together :o er wearing our swimsuits.

We decided to go cycling, Sherry knows so many of her neighbours (definitely not in my case) so we managed to borrow 3 bikes.

WHEE down slopes in her area, I am so brave I'm cycling again so soon after falling. Then up stupidstupid slopes so tiredwired.

Failed Visit to Sentosa
Sherry, Phebe and I were supposed to go to Sentosa but Phebe got bad cramps so Sherry and I headed to town to watch Stardust instead.

The show's not bad and I think the ghosts are very funny hahahahahahahahahahaha.

Ate at Village.

Haha I look so funny.

Off Sherry's blog-
Yeah, we sat in Vila'ge for HOURSSS, I think, just talking yadayadayada, and just when we've almost ran out of things to talk about, this Malay dude from the next table came to uh, hit on us?!?!?!

His pick up line : Hey girls, do you think Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren is better for cologne?

Me : Ralph Lauren.
Sophie : Calvin Klein.

HAHAHAHA. Yeah, we were then quite passive to his questions subsequently cause we weren't interested in the slightest bit. However, he treated us to drinks [Sophie wanted to decline but I insisted because it wasn't worth it if he talked to us and we don't get something in return]!

HAHAHAHHAHA BaRcArdi BrEeZer lEhZ, duNch MeSs. Hahah then we quickly ran away when we were 1/4 into our breezers....

Ahem please note the "SOPHIE WANTED TO DECLINE". Anyway that's to explain the appearance of Bacardi bottles in the subsequent photos.

Haha I look so sickly.

Haha it was a little queer to walk around town in a bikini under a top cos er.. like only CLOTH..

F21 dressing room cos we got bored:

Very few words er photoblog post lah okay cos I wanna go watch BeeMovie online (free! $_$) and maybe make soba yum.
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