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Sunday, November 18, 2007
Met Valentina, Swing and Andesson. Haha omg I was the oldest er..

Ate at Sakae Sushi and we ended up ordering too many plates of sushi oops.

HAHAHAHA Andesson with Swing's specs

They look alike meh.

We asked a passerby to help us take a picture, and she held it wrongly and nearly TOOK A PICTURE OF HERSELF haha like err... LCD screen facing us, imagine if we hadn't stopped her she'd have been blinded cos the flash would have killed her eyes.

Coincidence lorz dunno why two pairs of same shoes haha look like double date already.

Valentina forces everyone to take a picture with her stupid turtle toy called Dudu.

Cos I knocked it out of his hand and down the escalator hahahaha.

My (forced) turn with Dudu.

Vincent's invites to his birthday party!

Haha he's so lame he made it like an actual club or something, like got door bitch and a ticket and supposedly only 2 free drinks but duh eventually free flow haha.

I think he looks weird in photos haha.

But the chalet is like omg so much bigger than the normal ones! Like 4 bedrooms, and at least 2 of them had their own bathrooms. Living room, kitchen, 2 courtyards, bbq pit etc etc.

Visit number 6392743018 to the bathroom for Valentina to check her appearance.

Haha Vincent sat on the bench and introduced the guests one by one, er that one is dunno who from HEY GORGEOUS!, he won best skin or smth haha

The HEY GORGEOUS! people, Vincent made it to top5 I think.

HAHA wahz performance ah. Vincent got a red bra for his birthday hahaha.

Vincent works at NUM. So those are the NUM guys.

Haha after that we played games, like the one where each person has to act out something to the following one and the last person guesses what it was.

Happy 20th!!

Yeah you guessed it, they smashed him with cake, syrup, tomato sauce, and even put the dustbin over his head.
Haha and in the process, they also yanked on his underwear. The thing that he is holding in his hand, is his UNDERWEAR. It totally got ripped out and somehow torn omg hahaha.

Thank goodness we hadn't brought spare clothes cos if we had they'd have made us dirty too.

Valentina left eventually but I stayed over cos it's like in Pasir Ris, cab fare from town to here was $20, I can't imagine what it'd be with midnight surcharge.

We got a little high and walked to Downtown East and it started raining boohoo. There was so much to clear up the next day cos Vincent brought hell alot of stuff but sorley me no help carry anything hahaha. (I offered okay!)

OH OH and my phone got splashed with water while the boys were playing WTF SPOILT AGAIN omg ))))))):

I just repaired cracked LCD like, a week+ ago )): I am so sad. Sent for repair but apparently even after it's repaired it may suddenly spoil again wtf.
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