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Monday, December 17, 2007
addiephant says:
tmr i wont eat hahaha
sophie says:
HAHAHAHA does that help convey my skepticism

Omg first time in ages I'm actually posting on the day itself.

CCA in the morning; tuition.
My tutor calls her boyfriend OINKY and he calls her MEHMEH as in the sheep that meeeh.

Dinner at night, Paul TOEhill was one hour late on the one occasion I was on time.

Rachel Yeo my er, like only church friend harhar.

Rachel left, met Addie and Audrey. Haha hilarious time poking fun at Paul coining newspaper headlines for him:

"Paul Twohill sued for insulting young girl (Addie)"
"Paul Twohill the bully- Pick on someone your own size!"
"Paul TWOhill, TWO-faced?"

HAHA he has one of those mini-calenders for wallets with his face on it and the caption- "Paul Twohill thanks you!"
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