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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Because I told her I didn't think she'd be able to reach the top of my hat.

Hats are Christmas presents from Sherry!

Chipmunks which we all vehemently refused to watch except Addie but I think the soundtracks would be cute haha.

Nellie skips math class too often and I'm the only one having break then haha.

Yeah we look so glamm pussssss here er

Hungry hungry; Christina's trying to tempt me to go karaoke with them (!!) by saying she has gingerbread men for me.

Off to clean my crippled hamster's cage (the only man in my life).

Poor hamster I woke up one day to find it with its leg stuck in the cage wire and my hamster twisted and cut its leg trying to free itself ):

Brought to Mt Pleasant and all the dog owners stared at me like I had no right to be there. Sigh vet fee could buy me 4 more hamsters.
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