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Monday, December 03, 2007
Read my post carefully, I did not say that kids from single parent familes are either very negative or very positive about life. I said I was irked by the fact that there exists a STEREOTYPE against such kids, whether it is either negative, positive and you have a friend/yourself/cousin/whatever who has the right to be affected by a unhappy childhood is not the issue at hand.

Like one tagger said, no one should be stereotyped because of their family background?


Anyway, photos from sometime last week or maybe last last haha. Headed down to Rachel Ng' s place, I totally love her condo's landscaping. There's like water features everywhere!

It was potluck so I brought nuggets, cooked it myself!! I brought about 30nuggets I think, but I ate quite alot of it as soon as I reached haha.

At one point there were these annoying boys in the pool and I said I wanted to take their ball away and Phebe they all dared me to so I swam and took the ball haha.

Then I passed it to Sherry who gave it to the security guard, who was ever so grateful to us, like we were accomplices *wiNk wiNk, smilE smIle*.

And they copied me:

Camille finally came at night, and Rachel Ng's shower design is the most retarded ever.
We sat at her new outdoor table and had a pretty big spread of food, and celebrated Phebe and Camille's belated birthdays!

Oh oh and it's our err.. clique's one-year anniversary haha. We're called HIPPOCLIQUE and Addie's missing (as usual) and the origin of our clique name is stupid haha but whatever.
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