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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
MSA's over but anyway they were just tests haha. Boohoo next exam in 4weeks. Met Addie on Friday after school because we both end at like, 11.30am.


Hi life's a barrell of laughs.

Process to Spiderpig (no not Spiderwoman)

Heart-wrenching separation followed (snort) and down to town for movies. The Mist was pretty good but Death Sentence was stupid and absolutely does not justify its M18 rating, at least give me some shock elements to make my money's worth $_$. And yes we watched 2 movies...

Utt. Too bad not the MTV one hahahaha.

Cabfare home= $15; fare hikes and midnight surcharge kills.

Saturday night
Addie called me out at like 10+pm when I was nicely bathed and in pjs because she was bored. We headed down to J8 but the movies showing sucked and we wound up with her 2 friends sitting at McDonalds debating the virtues of prawning at 12midnight or shisha-ing.

Neither won and the two boys left.

Addie and I walked to Bishan Park where we perched ourselves on a wall in the halo of a decorative spotlight and talked of things of which our innocence has waned.
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meet the only man in my life.

Spot the hamster

Very belated farewell dinner for graduating seniors

I made the most formidable omelette yesterday, it was perfectly shaped and perfectly coloured. Next step, Celebrity Chefs!

In the midst of SAJC's MileStone Assessments (MSA). New principal this year decided to have more exams, (MSA1 and MSA2) so we total 7exams this year including As. Exams in the first month of school. Thank you world.

And I just realised TODAY that I have geography MSA on Friday, the whole class laughed at my shock and horror.
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time. -Fight Club

Today was the very last CrossCountry (3.6km) I should ever have to endure for the rest of my life.
The last run in the park, the last long path stretching ahead, the last chatter as we walk and not run, and the last finishing line signaling the end of a journey.

If I had gone for it, that is. HAHA.
Saturday, January 12, 2008

HAHA such weirdos actually exist.
Thank god so far it's the first and ONLY such message, it's usually "hi can be flen".

Saturday night and I'm Home Alone and my mom is out- "no date tonight?" she mocks me. Yeah unless you count my tuition teacher. Who is. Female.

Watched Body #19 on Friday BAD CHOICE BAD (x100000000) show. The storyline was stupid and confusing and the gore/horror was so in-your-face it was barely shocking anymore.

Thousand and one things I could do but instead I sit facing a computer.
Friday, January 11, 2008
Goodbye 2007

Finally about my Countdown, largely unplanned and unprepared so was feeling very un-festive but it turned out pretty good (: Yay good start to the year is important Jeannie says.

Visited Swing working!

Met Jeannie and her friend for dinner and buying a new pair of shoes for me cos I came out in Havainas and then felt grossly under-dressed and mismatched.

Paul came along for dinner and introduced us to this Turkish restaurant which looked good but they cheat me of my money the Lemonade was disgusting ):

Met Sherry, Phebe, RachelNg, Camille, Patricia and Joyce. We headed to Rachel's friend's place, a service apartment above Great World City her parents just for her to have fun with please omg. We could see the fireworks!

Cabbed down to Steph Yeo's new house which is really big and has a swimming pool!

Kenny So Sexy (wah it rhymes)

Sean Poh and enthusiastic Kenny.

Haha we danced to Itunes..

Everyone got pretty high and eventually we all ended up in the pool. BAD CHOICE I was f-fr-freezing after that boohoo.

Erz Eka in boxers.

Police actually came at one point because they have nothing better to do on New Year's Eve. Kenny refused to let us sleep, reieterating that "true punks never sleep".

So Camille and I wound up playing card games with him and Eka. Loser got punched/flicked depending whether girl or boy respectively. TamEde try getting hit by an RJC rugger (Kenny). Haha Eka had to stop quickly cos it hurt so bad.

Punches we gave Kenny didn't even make him flinch...

Finally conked out around 7am and left at 10+am when Kenny the hypocrite decided he was very sleepy in the end, "true punk" what.

No resolutions for me because they fail anyway and aiming to study this year is not a resolution it is a MUST sigh looming A-Levels.