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Friday, January 11, 2008
Goodbye 2007

Finally about my Countdown, largely unplanned and unprepared so was feeling very un-festive but it turned out pretty good (: Yay good start to the year is important Jeannie says.

Visited Swing working!

Met Jeannie and her friend for dinner and buying a new pair of shoes for me cos I came out in Havainas and then felt grossly under-dressed and mismatched.

Paul came along for dinner and introduced us to this Turkish restaurant which looked good but they cheat me of my money the Lemonade was disgusting ):

Met Sherry, Phebe, RachelNg, Camille, Patricia and Joyce. We headed to Rachel's friend's place, a service apartment above Great World City her parents just for her to have fun with please omg. We could see the fireworks!

Cabbed down to Steph Yeo's new house which is really big and has a swimming pool!

Kenny So Sexy (wah it rhymes)

Sean Poh and enthusiastic Kenny.

Haha we danced to Itunes..

Everyone got pretty high and eventually we all ended up in the pool. BAD CHOICE I was f-fr-freezing after that boohoo.

Erz Eka in boxers.

Police actually came at one point because they have nothing better to do on New Year's Eve. Kenny refused to let us sleep, reieterating that "true punks never sleep".

So Camille and I wound up playing card games with him and Eka. Loser got punched/flicked depending whether girl or boy respectively. TamEde try getting hit by an RJC rugger (Kenny). Haha Eka had to stop quickly cos it hurt so bad.

Punches we gave Kenny didn't even make him flinch...

Finally conked out around 7am and left at 10+am when Kenny the hypocrite decided he was very sleepy in the end, "true punk" what.

No resolutions for me because they fail anyway and aiming to study this year is not a resolution it is a MUST sigh looming A-Levels.
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