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Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Looking at my shelves I realise I have very lame books. There's your usual suspects, DaVinci Code and Harry Potter (albeit in French). There's Jodi Picoult but also Meg Cabot (no not Princess Diaries..) and forensics/murder like Patricia Cornwell.

Shopaholic and Gossip Girl shall never touch my shelves thank you.

There's old school Roald Dhal's Mathilda which is the only book I like from him and Enid Blytons I cannot bear to throw away because I love Enid Blyton still.

I think I need new books.

I am drowning in schoolwork because I procrastinate far too much. But it gives me a sense of purpose, although it is not entirely pleasant so I have no idea what I'm saying.

2nd day of school I woke up very late and came in only at 10am. Absent today, on time (barely) on Friday and Monday so HOORAY! for me.

Guess what top I wore the other day!

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