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Thursday, February 14, 2008
Pictures from ages ago during our carefree December holidays-

Shisha and then Arena with Swing, Jeannie, Andesson, Brandon.. etc.

I brought my Minnie Mouse ears out because I was sad that day ):

Haji Lane Graffiti Wall:

Sorry slippers lorzxz didn't know we were gonna go club after Shisha!

We were actually all lazy to go Arena especially Jeannie and I cos we had shisha-ed till we were feeling all yucky... But Swing is veddy veddy enthusiastic haha and us veddy veddy accommodating (snort). So Arena it was.

Valentine's Day, updates later! No date to mention of anyway, unless you count the Lonely Hearts Club us celebrating Irwin's birthday in hours. I'm to buy balloons and party hats!
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