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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pictures from Last Saturday where Jeannie and I met Guanghao, Kuoloon and Irwin.

After much persuasion we managed to get Kuoloon to pierce his ear, Kuoloon shaved+pierced ear= very bad boy hahaha.

Seksy somemore.

Irzzwin very experienced lor, he has 2 ear holes.

Irwin left and we headed down to Haji Lane which was really crowded so service was

Soccer boys don't shisha cos they say it affects their stamina hahaha. Bah but Jeannie and I have bad stamina anyway..

Err look closely you can see his piercing! But he took it out and it closed anyway ):

Guanghao left, leaving Happy Trio us at Clarke Quay but we is not wild, we went to McDonalds hahahaha.

After a hearty meal (hip hip hurrah for McDonalds much loves thanks), we popped by into Le Chinois or whatever the hell it was called I forgot. The place is like, totally luxurious and huge but they were playing TRANCE %#*@#@.

CNY celebrations in school was half disaster half not, but mostly disaster. CNY visiting was boring and angbao amounts were erratic ranging from $50 to $2 erzz.

HomeClub on CNY day 2! Where Jeannie and I lost to Smirnoff so very very red face for her and puking for me ugh so unglam ):

I swear I don't usually puke! But Irwin doesn't believe me haha okay pictures another time laterz as Darrell has taken to saying.
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