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Thursday, March 27, 2008
So the end of BT1 saw me heading to HomeClub on Thursday and Arena on Saturday. In between and after was just far too much sleeping, Sims2 and all-round pigging out.

HomeClub only because I'm lazy to upload photos.
So Addie and I turned up over an hour late for cheap Fish and Chips dinner. HomeClub that night saw an ABUNDANCE of SAJC students- there were SA councillors, SA dancers, SA soccer boys and SA miscellaneous us. Therein lies the draw of a free party..

I think I'm sneezing.

Take note all SAJC-ians reading (god knows who, maybe none), spot check after flag-raising tomorrow!

Ooh taxi horror story for me the other day ):
I boarded a taxi because it was raining and it was a pretty long ride to forgot-where, totalling $12.30. I handed my POSB card and was relentlessly grilled- "Sure this is not a Cashcard?" "This NETS card meh" yadda yadda.
Swallowed my indignance and reieterated to the selectively-hearing cab driver that YES it was a bank card.

Damn cab driver doesn't know how to use his NETS machine to charge the fare to my card. Still remaining very cordial I tried using the machine too but don't know what's wrong with his, it just couldn't work. So I handed him the only cash I had, which was $10. So that leaves us a grand balance of $2.30 WOW A MASSIVE FORTUNE.

Most drivers would just let it go, come on it's $2.30 out of $12.30, not say out of a $4 cab ride. HE, insisted on driving me to the nearest ATM to withdraw money for a measly $2.30. As I got out of the cab I considered just walking off but never mind I clawed through the wet bushes and withdrew the minimum $20.

Handed him his damn $2.30 and then asked him if he could drive me back to my drop-off location and he FUCKING REFUSED.


"UNCLE! It's not my fault your machine doesn't work! My card works with the ATM so it's YOUR machine that's at fault!"
Etc etc. And the problem is, he spoke only Chinese? I managed to say all that in Chinese but not all the adjectives I'd like to unleash i.e. unreasonable.

So finally I got out and slammed the door as hard as I could but even in my fury I could tell that he'd won because I was the loser walking in the RAIN BACK to my drop-off location while he'd happily maneuvered to a nearby taxi stand.

Friday, March 21, 2008
Long overdue post on our trip to Malaysia during Chinese New Year because I'm bored and have nothing better to do and my mom is out boogie-ing her ass away.

So Addie, Darrell and I headed down to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal for our ferry (duh).

So late at night after dinner we headed out to a desolate, decrepit, dodgy and everything d- playground:

When we got back we watched The House with the lights out and it probably wasn't a good movie choice because we were staying in a standalone wooden chalet that frighteningly bears some resemblance to the house featured in the horror show..
Darrell the sad case refused to watch and put on his earphones, he brought HOMEWORK to do omg.

After the house we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks which at least lessened the sombre mood! But still, middle of the night I woke up to hear strange scratchy sounds and I was so terrified ):
Boohoo and all we have to protect us is one Baileys-obsessed Andesson and terrified-of-horror-shows Darrell. Not very reassuring.

HAHA so glam hor. Can turn into girly sleepover, after all Darrell's not called Xiaomei for no reason, he's like one of the girlies haha.

Giant pet fish...

Drove down to the beach awww look at my Xiaomei, that's Addie doll which she actually brought to Malaysia...

Because we didn't get to jetski due to Monsoon season ):

Haha looks like right! We'd even perfected the staring-off-at-something-on-the-open-sea look.

BTs are over I feel so freeee like a little birdy but I still won't get up to catch the early worm.

Good Friday spent reading The Straw Men, I'm so sad such people actually exist. I can't even bear to read the synopsis for Hostel without feeling sick and having to close the window. Previous time Darrell and I stayed up late reading about all this stuff, we had to end off saying we'd pray for each other that night.

The Straw Men's a good book though, other than the gory parts because the author's really good at description and insights into societal norms and mindsets.

Kkkkk I'm going to watch Juno now.
Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Omg it's 6am I'm still up studying for Bio BTs. Some people are actually waking up now and I haven't even slept yet!

I love the fact that my papers are all in the afternoon. Means I can study late (i.e till 6am since I'm nightowl study-er) and wake up late (i.e 12pm) and still get adequate amounts of sleep.

I'm such a failure as a student. I sat in KFC eating till 7pm when my paper ended at 5. Went home, sat on the couch and felt lazy so I decided to snooze to relax, not because I was even tired. LO AND BEHOLD I wake up 2 hours later at 10pm. AWESOME.

And the worst is, I wasted another 3 hours watching tv. Omg. And what am I doing online.
Saturday, March 15, 2008
Wednesday saw us heading down to Zouk for M-ma-mambo and Siangkoon's birthday!

Addie the slut had a dress with removable bottom. Which therefore the aforementioned and aptly named slut removed HAHAHA to leave twinky shorty dress.

Me so pale.

SAJC girls! Me, Jeannie, Regina and Chloe

This was like totally ZOMGZ because he is Sherry and my Sec3 Bio teacher!

Siangkoon had champagne for his birthday (:

Sherry, Regina, Rachel, Chloe, Jeannie, Me

The 3 boys, Irwin, Kuoloon and Darrell, and me looking my best yeehaw

Birthday boy!

That girl has zero alcohol tolerance I swear:

Sophie: "What's his name?" -points to Kuoloon

Hahaha Irwin's shirt is stained cos I got it wet pouring the Vodka from the bottle into his mouth. He can chugg alot dOn't mEsS.

Jeannie, TOTAL GONE CASE. She didn't even dance at all, she just downed glass after glass and zonked out puked all over and woke up like 3 hours later in a terrible mood and left for home alone. Haha I pity Darrell his pants sustained injuries.

My hand, Kuoloon's, and Kuoloon's best friend Adam.

And at the end we all look horrible and Jeannie's lying on our laps but you can't see haha.

Jeannie the smart girl left with Regina's stuff so poor Regina stranded had to crash at my place haha.

The poor girl's absolutely TERRIFIED of animals.
Lying in bed:
Regina: "Your hamster can't get out of the cage and into the room right?"
Sophie: "What? It's in its cage! Even if it got out, how could it come in?"
Regina: "You're sure the cage is closed right? I don't know, maybe it can squeeze under the door?"