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Monday, March 10, 2008
My weekend!

GP exam was.. I was the only one who agreed with the question whereas everyone else disagreed: A government's success can be measured by the happiness of its citizens. Do you agree?

I said the happiness of the citizens forms an umbrella encompassing all other aspects of a government's purpose i.e economic sustainability, law and order etc. Why cannot!

Compre was bad. The passage was comprehensable but the questions pretty shitty.

Headed down to town where original movie plans were cancelled in favour of retail theeeerapy.
Bye bye $$$$.

Kiddos Jeannie and Addie obssessing over their Chinese ALevel marks. Harhar I is take French H2 so next year for me then.

Went home to change and then met up again with Dawn and Mandy for Timbre and it's not fair cos CJC finished exams already!

Pizza my best friend!

"Awww you poor lonely last piece of pizza, come to Mommy!"

Headed down to Zouk for the Cleo Bachelor thingy half an hour before the event ended hahaha. So everything was pretty much over. We didn't even get to do palm reading or have our caricatures done!

Do you see how many damn balloons we have?!

HAHAHA getting unto the bus was absolutely hilarious I couldn't stop laughing. My balloons got stuck in the doorway while I was getting and some some got broken off and the driver kept complaining that the passengers wouldn't be able to see when it's their stop!

Late at night we released the balloons in Lido. Omg we've been to Lido on a Saturday 3 weeks ina row..

And we'll all float on okay.
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