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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Omg it's 6am I'm still up studying for Bio BTs. Some people are actually waking up now and I haven't even slept yet!

I love the fact that my papers are all in the afternoon. Means I can study late (i.e till 6am since I'm nightowl study-er) and wake up late (i.e 12pm) and still get adequate amounts of sleep.

I'm such a failure as a student. I sat in KFC eating till 7pm when my paper ended at 5. Went home, sat on the couch and felt lazy so I decided to snooze to relax, not because I was even tired. LO AND BEHOLD I wake up 2 hours later at 10pm. AWESOME.

And the worst is, I wasted another 3 hours watching tv. Omg. And what am I doing online.
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