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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Brought my hamster out for a picnic at Botanic Gardens yesterday!

The mini portable-cage really says its for crickets but oh well.

Er and it decided to explore my bag.

Sonia, Christina, Frances.

Haha we were the old St Margs non-Chinese-taking-students. Fond memories of just all the stupid things we did during those Chinese lessons, like terrorising the librarian to playing hide and seek and climbing over the ledge and etc etc.

My hasmter actually crawled up Sonia's pants at one point!
Frances: "It's probably the only thing in a long while that's been in Sonia's pants."

I brought its portable wheel too! I forgot to bring its hamster leash out though. I realise my hamsters have so many different mini-cages/leashes/outdoor ball/etc etc. It's so spoilt, the other day I was actually cracking open sunflower seeds for it!

My boyfriend!

Sonia left and we set out to feed (murder) the turtles and fish in the Swan Lake.
Christina eventually started throwing whole pieces of bread and we'd watch the big square slowly get torn up.

"They're getting better food than the kids in Myanmar!"

We ran out of bread and started throwing in sausages! They really do eat it please.
We started with half sausages and eventually whole sausages and it was hilarious to see the sausage dangling out of the turtle's mouth:

One fish swallowed a sausage WHOLE.
"I think that fish is going to die tonight."

Christina is an absolute menace to the environment.



We started climbing trees once it got dark. Or rather only Chris made it up the tree, I merely attempted then gave up because the trunk wasn't wide enough and gotantsbiteme):

Seriously these shots look more like they're from a ghost movie.

(or Rain Dance if you prefer to interpret my moves as such)

And I end off with a picture of the terrifying Jungle Girl.

We had Bio SPA today (Science Pratical Assessment). This marks the very LAST practical I'd have to do!

At first the notion that for our practical we have to write out an 8page (4 sheets double sided) report in one hour was simply astounding.
We were given model answers of course. But this merely indicated memorising nearly word-for-word 6pages worth of answers and regurgitating the whole thing.

But the mind is truly amazing! At the end of our practical we were all amazed that after our studying, we actually COULD memorize 6pages nearly word for word and spit out the whole thing within an hour.

(Guess who was still up at 4am studying for it because she started too late. Ugh. Plus I'd actually orgininally pledged to start like, 2 days beforehand.)

I'm leaving in 3days! Boohoo ):
Okay need to sleep so I don't have to go to Darrell's and cut cucumber slices for my eyebags okay keeedingz I bet it doesn't work anyway.

♥ Sophie says:
and are we sleeping over?
dar says:
♥ Sophie says:
if we are i come in specs and pj shorts haha
♥ Sophie says:
i bring face mask for you?
dar says:
♥ Sophie says:
can cut cucumber slices to reduce puffy eyes!
dar says:
does that even work?
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