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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Image heavy...
I should really learn to upload photos more often. Then everyone would stop bugging me for them and claiming I is slow upload-er.

First up: SAJC-MJC Soccer Semi-Finals

Kuoloon! Vair black, I edited this photo to lighten him haha.

Kuoloon's #17
Irwin's #14
Guanghao's Goalkeeper

"Saints keeper Guang Hao saved excellently"
"Saints keeper Guang Hao pulled off another stupendous finger-tip save"
"Saints’ keeper was outstanding between the post, denying MJC on a few occasions"

Guanghao's an awesome goalkeeper, he played even with his injured knee. Operation for him in December, we book chalet at Changi so we can visit you everyday in hospital okay!

Addie: "Who's that! The strides damn nice!"
Anyway that's Kuoloon haha.
Addie used to be in Track&Field (shocking right) so she should know about strides.

Goal for us! Can totally see the MJ players (blue) turning to look at the ball in the net haha.

Ruggers came armed with pails to beat on and they actually cheered with such gusto that the pails broke.

Fahrun and Kuoloon

Xiaomei! (middle). Jesse's hidden by the clappers and RoyTongz on the left, who gave me a very suspicious look after haha.

Gus with the ball.

Jeremy Ong (#2) with cramps or something, unglam shot hahaha.

Wound up at J8 for dinner. Addie had sprained her ankle earlier on and being the stubborn vain-pot she is, she refused to bring out her crutches.

Guess who carried her UP and DOWN the stairs and through the entire stadium?! Me.

We were gonna watch movie when Guanghao called and asked to meet him, Irwin and Kuoloon to chillzz so we bought little whale magnet (named Dory, Dora and what, Doris or someting?) and sweets to cheer them up.

2nd: Friday night
Met Geran and Sam and some of his friends for his birthday dinner at Duxton Hill.

Then followed Geran to his friend's place in River Valley, where Geran and I got locked in the condo staircase and had to pound on the door..

Down to Butter Factory where we all got coolio shades that say BITCH FIGHT!

Stephan and Vlasdic(?). He's Czech.

Butter Factory decor.

Geran and Chanelle(once again, ?) in the background.

Geran and Stephan

Er Geran got a little high.

One more for your collection of drunk-sprawledonthefloor-riverside shots!

Home at 3am (relevance for mentioning this laterz haha).

3rd: Saturday
Tea Party at Eka's with Sam then ROCK ON MYANMAR concert.

Random couple making out in the shadows of Fort Canning Park, I actually went up so close I could have joined in the kissing but they were too engrossed to notice..

Dinner at Swensen's and then down to Daybed:

I brought my BITCH FIGHT shades cos everyone thinks they're kewL.

Eka and I.

Er still Eka and I.

Silas rockstar guitarist of Stellastory

Silas and Chris

Eka and Dom

Silas gets a kiss from birthday boy..

And here my camera gets taken on a joyride of its own (Dom's the culprit) and comes back with all these pictures:

Eunice got torally high hahaha. She's quite violent..

Wow hilarious.

Eka's like total camwhore right.

Sleepover, climbing in/out of windows and McDonald's Breakfast in the morning! Okay actually when we reached breakfast was already over.

I told my mom I was at my friend's place but she called around 10am and couldn't reach me and then I finally came home at 12noon..

So friday- 3am
Saturday- didn't even come home

Haha therefore Sunday night and Monday totally lie low even though Jeannie nagged me like mad for Sunday night.
My mom just said like how can I keep sleeping-over (er previous Saturday stayed at Geran's haha) and must make sure she can call me etc.

So Monday was double tuition ugh.

Me not going school tomorrow!

My mom went to Gotham to see male stripteasers hahahahahahahaha. She says they strip down to thongs only. But still. Hahahaha my mom's so Wild Child.
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