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Sunday, May 25, 2008
Off Sherry's blog:
"America's Next Top Model is shocking me, seriously. For cycle 9, Saleisha (disgusting) won, but okay I stomached that cause she wasn't that ugly or anything. But for cycle 10... THEY LET WHITNEY AKA PLUS SIZED MODEL WIN THE DAMN THING ALAMAK WASABI BONZAI, WHAT IS HAPPENING."

Haha I think her alamak wasabi bonzai is hilarious.

I hate how ANTM let a plus-sized model win just because they want to pretend to be a WhOleSomE show and that fat is okay (be PROUD of your body and all that). I hate that it's all for good public perception.
I don't believe in stick-thin models and really skinny is actually quite ugly. But face it, the world isn't open to fat models just yet. And for a fucking modelling COMPETITION, especially when it's such an important one, I do think the winner should be representative of healthy beauty. So fat now is healthy?

The speaker was so mighty fine enthusiatic about his topic, STIs aka STDs (for some reason Diseases has been replaced by Infections).

They actually showed us pictures of infected penises and vaginas. IN SCHOOL. CO-ED SCHOOL.

Parts like "do you know many people in the world are infected with AIDS?!" and a 40million comes booming unto the screen with a loud bang that startled all of us.

Practice safe sex kids.
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