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Saturday, May 24, 2008
Soccer 3rd/4th:
Kuoloon won Golden Boots again for 11goals scored this season!

Kuoloon and Gus



Guanghao saves.


Watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on Thursday with my mom because there was some DBS Event like they booked a few cinema halls and gave free tickets to clients.

My dinner that day consisted of Nachos and Popcorn omg fatasssssssssssss. Every seat came with free popcorn and a can of Coke, so at the end of the show I had 3 tubs of Popcorn in my bag and 4 cans of Coke.

The show SUCKED by the way. The cinematography and all that was pretty good, but I thought the storyline was so stupid. The show has ALIENS please, yes aliens. Like at the end the mythical/magical/etc city became an alien saucer that flew up and disappeared, like wtf.

Last Day of school!
Half day meant that the ONLY lesson I had that day was Math Lecture. At 7am I was still lying in bed, reached school at 8am so my attendance wasn't even taken.
Came to school because it's Carmen's birthday and to hand up Travel Declaration Form..

Anyway I was tasked with making the card from the paper Gracia and Peiling had bought:

The ribbon weaving through at the bottom is err.. cut off from this blue top haha like you know how they have these little loops for you to hang on a hanger?

HAHA I just noticed Mok in the background!

L-R: Gracia, Carmen, Peiling and I.

Plans to watch a movie at night were repeatedly foiled by red SOLD OUTs ):
We even waited till 11pm for the following shows and yipee Lido had timings but we decided to go to Cine instead which was TOTALLY ALL SOLD OUT AGAIN.
So. Decided it wasn't fated.

Addie, Jeannie and I all wound up with shopping from Topshop Sale though haha. My bank account isn't very healthy now.

Sophie: "I'm wearing heels today so you'd better wear your damn high ones, I can like see the top of my fridge."

Addie, Chloe, Jeannie and I.

Ugh Saturday night and I'm rotting at home. Plus it's the last Saturday before I leave ):
I'm flying off on the coming Friday for France ):
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