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Tuesday, May 06, 2008
Unknown person sms-ed me:
"Amelia dun cry le haiz is like tat plus u all already.... He very bad leh like dun care u.amelia u still can find other guy hu is better.wo zhi chi ni. ^^"

My reply:
" Wrong number and stop desecrating the english language."

HAHAHA the person actually replied:
" O sry"

Haha god knows why the person actually replied, I wouldn't bother. And visibly not heeding my advice as well.
Oo-er "plus u all already...." does that mean this Amelia and her boyfriend already did _____?

Went to the doctor's yesterday but he didn't give me an MC he says "JC2 musn't miss school already!". But he did give me excuse from PE till June holidays YEEHAA because he claims "I never believed in PE anyway".

But nabehhhh (actually I don't even really know what this means, it just sounds like a catchy swear word haha), I woke up with a 38.8degrees fever, hence decided to skip 3-hour math test and am still having fever now.

Bye GP essay/ Geog essay/ Chem Test tmr/ Bio Test fri/ and ffffff CHEM SPA ON THURS

Okay no time to study for tests only CHEM SPA's important and counted for A-Levels anyway.

Oh oh and SAJC won ACJC-SAJC rugby semi-finals! So now we're heading into finals!!
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