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Monday, June 30, 2008
The question I most commonly get asked:

"Are you mixed blood?"

"Oh! What mix are you?"
half French

"Do you speak French?"

"Can you teach me French swear words then?"

I should come up with new and intriguing answers. One, to break the dreary monotony and two, I can make myself seem MySterIouS. Unfortunately, I do not have the guile nor the mood and even if I did, I wouldn't post it up it would make me too predictable!!!

What on earth is the point of knowing swear words in another language anyway. Unless you intend to incorporate it into your own linGo or employ it as your perso catchphrase, if you wish to insult someone, might as well just do it in English.

BUT. I've been asked that question so many times. So- shit is merde, prostitute is pute but it's evolved to commonly-used putain, which kind of means damn. No there is no French equivalent of fuck you, French people say make loveeeeeeeeee hahaha. But closely enough there's va te faire enculer, which means go fuck yourself but more specifically up your ass...

Spent Friday and Saturday with my ass firmly plonked on a Lido bench for at least 6hours each time in the hopes of studying. Watched Wanted and The Strangers over the 2 days.

Wanted was not bad if you overlook the bad storyline, there's good action- i.e carchase, fighting, TRAINING for fighting etc. And as a plus, you get to see Angelina Jolie's butt.

The Strangers was absolutely horrendous:
1) It lasted only about 70mins. Wtf?!
2) There was NO PLOT. Just mindless killing and not even like "We're doing this for fun". In fact, the whole show consists of mainly 2 actors, the victims. The killers didn't utter a word.
3) NO TWIST. You expect the victims at any moment to go *GASP* "It's you?! No PLEASE DON'T DO THIS." But nada. Even when the killers unmasked themselves (and their faces are never revealed to the audience), there was still no story.


The best part was the end, when as the killers drive out they encounter 2 Mormon boys giving out pamphlets.
The girl gets out and asks for one.
Mormon boy: "Are you a sinner?"
The girl: *pauses to think* "Sometimes".

The trailers actually look quite good, and it was fairly freaky. But it really needed more development.

Anyway I'm down to my last paper (Geography) on Wednesday! Chemistry today was much harder than expected ): Math was just out of point ugh.

My tagboard's getting very entertaining hahahaha.
"Should I remove my tagboard?"
"Why? Very interesting what."
Wednesday, June 25, 2008





You know you're getting old when you're older than all the characters in movies about teens.

I don't want to grow upppppppppppp I think this is like the best time of our lives! Okay theoretically so far it's my ONLY time of life but I think life ends once you get kids and you have nothing to do but to watch others grow up instead of enjoying it yourself.

So I cam back to Singapore on Saturday and met Jeannie and Addie to study, then I went over to Eka's where we tried on hideous clothes but him and Reuben take the cake:

Reuben learnt one French phrase from me tonight: "Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?". He thinks it will help him nab hot French chicks if he goes to Paris. And I'm surprised most people don't actually know what that phrase means everytime they sing it. It's from the song Lady Marmalade? Christina Aguilera?
And nobody realises they're actually saying "Do you want to sleep with me tonight?"

Eka's poor sister that we woke up at 3am to help us take photos haha.

While daydreaming on the bus today I managed to miss my stop. Which. Is not entirely unusual. Okay so I got off at the next stop and began a long and laborious climb up the overhead bridge to another stop I figured would have a bus I could take anyway.
Hopped unto another bus and HEY PRESTO it went in the opposite direction as my house. Got off and had to cross yet another street to find myself back at the stop I had missed.

At least I can claim to have made good usage of my bus concession pass.
Monday, June 23, 2008

I've been playing Neopets again. I've been playing for 8years omg... I'll give my Neopoints as inheritance to my kids next time!

Chemistry Paper 3 today, arrived just on the dot thank god I managed to get a taxi quite quickly.

Exam was at 1pm, I went to bed only at 7am and got up at 11am to shower/eat etc. Why do I do this to myself....

I've really zero self-discipline ): There's always something way more interesting to do than study. Even just sitting there staring at my hamster would be more exciting (hey don't knock it till you've tried it).

When I was younger I used to be more conscientious regarding my work, I did all my homework and genuinely studied for everything. But as I grew older I seem to care less and less... Although the tasks and outcomes are much more significant. Or maybe as you grow up you realise how easy it is to just NOT do your work. When you're a kid, you don't question such things, you just follow.


You notice how like maybe for example on the train this middle-aged/elderly man is sitting there calmly.

If [1] a small toddler comes along and starts poking him or staring at him or something and startles him out of his reverie, he and everyone around goes AWWWW while looking at the toddler affectionately.

But if [2] a teenager comes along and maybe spoils the silence with our "teen" music pulsating out of earphones, the music is termed as jaring noise and the teen, an uncouth, inconsiderate, imbecilic youth who thinks too highly of himself.

More pictures from France (more more more to follow..) :

At the butcher's, most people actually still buy meat from such places instead of frozen food.

Very very very windy...

My tummy is requesting food, later alligator.
Saturday, June 21, 2008
And you'd better come come, come come to me
Better come come, come come to me
Better run, run run, run run to me
Better come

I'm home! It's so queer to suddenly switch back to English, my responses are a little slow and I still catch myself thinking in French. My mom actually brought my hamster to the airport to meet me.

Bought Absinthe for Geran from duty-free in Paris. Luckily they didn't check my passport, it'd be so embarrassing if they were to say "sorry you're not 18 yet". 25th July's soon!

Onboard, watched Fool's Gold, Step Up 2(again), The Incredibles (again), 27 Dresses and The Day After Tomorrow (again).

Omg I actually watched 5 movies... Sigh my neighbour was some fat balding dude who kept invading my space, I actually had to elbow his arm away a few times so annoyingz.

So eggciting my first trip where I travelled entirely by myself!

Exams start on Monday, my motivation is zero, my self-discipline is zero and my preparedness is zero.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
I'm so miserable I want to go home.

It's 1.20am here but I snuck into the study room. The computer is so fucking noisy.

It should be morning in Singapore, I was considering calling my mom to cry.

The neighbours have a grandson that I haven't seen in 3 years but talk to occasionally on MSN. Couple of days back, he turned up to visit his grandparents with his friend in tow. We talked a bit and it was settled, the past few nights I've been sneaking out, climbing over the fence to their room.

Today they messaged me to say they wouldn't be in tonight or any night for that matter, because they've gone home. And it was like my whole world came crashing down.

That's when I realised I've been so lonely these past few weeks. Every day I stare at the same 4 walls and my dad, whom I don't really get along with.

And for the first time, I ached so badly to go home to Singapore. I cried my heart out longing to be home and never having to come back.

I remember the exact moment I set my eyes upon my dad at the airport. My heart didn't go up, didn't go down, didn't move at all from where it was nestled in resignedness.

It's been 8 years since I began to hate coming.
Friday, June 13, 2008

Euro Cup 2008 so terribly exciting! I'm ecstatic because Italy lost 0-3 to Holland, which was termed the most humiliating defeat for them in 25 years. I've not forgotten France-Italy 2006 World Cup and have not exactly forgiven the Italians yet. I was almost in tears ):

I want to go watch an actual match one day! So fun like the supporters have tents outside and patroitic hats. Erika and I said we look each other up for 2010 South Africa World Cup but air ticket there will be a bit expensive hor.. And I'll only be 20, not exactly earning an income with which to pay for my expenses.

Omg only 1 week left and I'm nowhere near completing my revision. FAR FAR FAR from it in fact. So sad I was hoping to finally catch up on my work but surprisingly it's not very condusive for studying here either.

Random snapshots:

Pharmacies on every corner for an over-medicated country because the government heavily subsidises healthcare (think British welfare system). Wait till you see my dad's medecine cabinet!

France's most well-loved animal.

France's other most common animal, albeit not as loved.

Seems to me teens in France are fairly sexually active according to all the teEn magazines I read. One magazine said the average age in France for a girl to lose her virginity is 17! I'm like turning 18 soon please!

Haha hilarious snippets from the magazine:

"Can you believe it's been almost 2weeks since we started dating and he hasn't tried to sleep with me yet?! There must be something wrong with me! Maybe he thinks I'm fat?"


Another girl said she had sex regularly while still wearing her TAMPON. HAHAHAHA omg how is that possible?! HAHAHA the advice columnist said she had to stop immediately and that her boyfriend must be a total loser if he hadn't realised she'd been wearing a tampon all this while. Hahahahaha......