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Saturday, June 21, 2008
And you'd better come come, come come to me
Better come come, come come to me
Better run, run run, run run to me
Better come

I'm home! It's so queer to suddenly switch back to English, my responses are a little slow and I still catch myself thinking in French. My mom actually brought my hamster to the airport to meet me.

Bought Absinthe for Geran from duty-free in Paris. Luckily they didn't check my passport, it'd be so embarrassing if they were to say "sorry you're not 18 yet". 25th July's soon!

Onboard, watched Fool's Gold, Step Up 2(again), The Incredibles (again), 27 Dresses and The Day After Tomorrow (again).

Omg I actually watched 5 movies... Sigh my neighbour was some fat balding dude who kept invading my space, I actually had to elbow his arm away a few times so annoyingz.

So eggciting my first trip where I travelled entirely by myself!

Exams start on Monday, my motivation is zero, my self-discipline is zero and my preparedness is zero.

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