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Monday, June 23, 2008

I've been playing Neopets again. I've been playing for 8years omg... I'll give my Neopoints as inheritance to my kids next time!

Chemistry Paper 3 today, arrived just on the dot thank god I managed to get a taxi quite quickly.

Exam was at 1pm, I went to bed only at 7am and got up at 11am to shower/eat etc. Why do I do this to myself....

I've really zero self-discipline ): There's always something way more interesting to do than study. Even just sitting there staring at my hamster would be more exciting (hey don't knock it till you've tried it).

When I was younger I used to be more conscientious regarding my work, I did all my homework and genuinely studied for everything. But as I grew older I seem to care less and less... Although the tasks and outcomes are much more significant. Or maybe as you grow up you realise how easy it is to just NOT do your work. When you're a kid, you don't question such things, you just follow.


You notice how like maybe for example on the train this middle-aged/elderly man is sitting there calmly.

If [1] a small toddler comes along and starts poking him or staring at him or something and startles him out of his reverie, he and everyone around goes AWWWW while looking at the toddler affectionately.

But if [2] a teenager comes along and maybe spoils the silence with our "teen" music pulsating out of earphones, the music is termed as jaring noise and the teen, an uncouth, inconsiderate, imbecilic youth who thinks too highly of himself.

More pictures from France (more more more to follow..) :

At the butcher's, most people actually still buy meat from such places instead of frozen food.

Very very very windy...

My tummy is requesting food, later alligator.
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