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Wednesday, June 25, 2008





You know you're getting old when you're older than all the characters in movies about teens.

I don't want to grow upppppppppppp I think this is like the best time of our lives! Okay theoretically so far it's my ONLY time of life but I think life ends once you get kids and you have nothing to do but to watch others grow up instead of enjoying it yourself.

So I cam back to Singapore on Saturday and met Jeannie and Addie to study, then I went over to Eka's where we tried on hideous clothes but him and Reuben take the cake:

Reuben learnt one French phrase from me tonight: "Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?". He thinks it will help him nab hot French chicks if he goes to Paris. And I'm surprised most people don't actually know what that phrase means everytime they sing it. It's from the song Lady Marmalade? Christina Aguilera?
And nobody realises they're actually saying "Do you want to sleep with me tonight?"

Eka's poor sister that we woke up at 3am to help us take photos haha.

While daydreaming on the bus today I managed to miss my stop. Which. Is not entirely unusual. Okay so I got off at the next stop and began a long and laborious climb up the overhead bridge to another stop I figured would have a bus I could take anyway.
Hopped unto another bus and HEY PRESTO it went in the opposite direction as my house. Got off and had to cross yet another street to find myself back at the stop I had missed.

At least I can claim to have made good usage of my bus concession pass.
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