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Monday, June 09, 2008

SNAILS MATING. Aren't cameras awesome seriously how often will you get to see snails having sex?! This may not be a subject that particularly fascinates you, but just the fact alone that snails are androgynous- they have both male and female parts so that they can mate with any snail they meet- indicates what a rare event this is!

Are the white thingys like er the sex parts?

My dad says they mate for w hopping 10hours.

Long winding road errr path that passes in front, my dad's house first on the right.

My dad's Irish Setter. It's quite amusing it's a pedigree dog so it actually has a FAMILY TREE and its parents and the dog itself all have complex names like Darchignan de Fontaine or what shit wait till I find that certificate.

In the news today:
these P1-P3 kids in the North of France went on STRIKE against their canteen, claiming the food isn't nice enough. HAHAHA so cutesy like the older ones (P3) wrote letters to the parents to notify them of the strike.

In France people go on strike for everything like currently there are hundreds of lorry drivers refusing to work and instead jaming up expressways in this long file in what they call- OPERATION SNAIL against high petrol prices.
At least for once their cause is fairly justified, petrol prices here in France are close to a whopping S$3 per litre.
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