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Thursday, July 31, 2008
My mom is so retarded. We had put the cheesecake we had in the freezer because we thought it was getting too soft. I took it out and began cutting it when my mom started complaining that it was too hard now.

Sophie: "Anyway I prefer it hard."
Mother: "Well yes some things are better hard." And started laughing like a maniac.

If you don't get it I'm not attempting to explain it.

Okay don't be fooled by the above section, that was a draft typed out a few days ago. Right now I'm actually in a really bitchy bitch foul mood ):

The kind where you want people to pay attention to you like NOW but at the same time you feel so annoyed at everyone and everything that you don't feel like talking either.

As usual after every exam we were asked to set new targets and do reflections (say that in a really whiny voice like re-fleCtionnns, it has better effect). We all hate (or my friends and I do anyway) this process because it is so absolutely redundant. What is the point of stating the obvious like "oh I didn't study enough" or "I have to start studying more"?

In addition, it makes me feel incredibly stupid. It trivialises my bad results to become a mere passing like "oh you did badly even though As are just 4 months away, never mind, just REFLECT on it and improve!"

It's done just so that the school (this applies to all schools) can feel or try to portray it has fulfilled its duty of student welfare and helping us in value-addedness and etc and trying to make us see the horrid errors of our ways. After students have filled in lacklustre lies and half-lies on the sheet, the staff will just collect it all and say "phew what effort we are making!" and promptly chuck it into some forgotten drawer.

Okay I'm probably being really unfair and whiny and after all it's probably all MOE's idea right. BadMood BadMood. But I won't deprive you of my Rachel and Ian's (GP classmates!) video:

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