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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bangs. Due to extreme boredom and over-active scissors.

Anyway, do you all really want me to block Will?
1) I DO NOT KNOW HIM at all, I know some of you think I do but no I don't.
2) My own tagboard doesn't really bother me honestly it's just a mild amusement to me haha. I've like friends calling me saying "Sophie, I'm having so much fun replying on your tagboard, like I read it before I read your posts".
3) Umm so yeah either way up to chewwww but Will, I'm just curious as to how you ever came across my blog if it's allllll the way back to before I won New Face which is like, 2005 when I was SEC3 omg haha.


Thursday, August 28, 2008
The past few days since I finally told my mom how badly I've been doing in school have been pretty crappy. Aside from the mandatory more-or-less-grounded-ness and increased tuition which I understand I need, my mom keeps putting me down all the time.
My self-esteem is already so low now I feel like bursting into tears every time.

I don't know why I developed this habit like all first-time parents; that is to repeatedly keep checking on your newborn to see if he's still breathing because you're so afraid this miraculous thing will be suddenly snatched brutally away from you.

I do that with my hamster which sounds totally lame I agree but I don't know, it's just a habit. My hamster's not even one year old so he still has half a life to go. Looked at it the other day and I couldn't see if its tiny ribcage was rising up and down. Opened the cage and when it didn't come rushing up to greet me with its furry little face, I knew it was dead.

"I began my presentation by handing out blank postcards to everyone in the auditorium. I invited each person to anonymously write down a secret on a card and then pass it on. For the next hour, the postcards circulated. At the end, I asked if anyone would like to stand and read the secret they were holding at that moment. A man in the front row stood up and haltingly read:

'I wish I could apologize to my younger brother for the way I treated him growing up.'

He sat down and exchanged a long look with the young man next to him. After more read aloud some of the other secrets that had been passed around, I collected all the cards. The man in the front row handed me the postcard he had read from, and the two men walked out together.

His postcard was blank."

And check this one out too I'm hooked!
The Rules pages is already the first riddle. After getting the answer to each riddle, substitute the answer into the URL and you'll be brought to a new page with a new riddle. There are like 80 levels right now I think. I'm at level 11 now!
TRY IT . TRY IT . TRY IT, then you can tell me how you did (:

If you get stuck visit the forum. If you're still REALLY stuck er you can ask me we can crack heads together. I just got gmail haha it's okay that wasn't exactly hard to guess.

Sister Hazel

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
4.30pm: "I'm hungry, I didn't eat very much today. I only had one plate of rice, potatoes, mushrooms, chicken, one nugget, one Oreo cookie and 2 jellies."

There's been times I'm so confused
All my roads, they lead to you
I just can't turn and walk away
It's hard to say what it is I see in you
Wonder if I'll always be with you

You're not everything I envisaged or what I thought I'd have. But you're you. Yet you cause me so much emotional baggage. I still think about it sometimes and I can't let it go. I carry so much resentment and I hate you for that. But thank you for trying.

GP exam yesterday,
I chose "How far do you agree that loneliness is a major problem in city life?"
Loneliness is a personal choice, not a result of circumstances. I probably used the words "city dwellers" ten times, as well as a myriad of different ways to say "concrete living boxes/unfeeling, faceless slab of plastic and metal". And I used 6sides of foolscap omg I pity my marker.

Flight of Fancy

I'm the toughest girl I know

Okay and by here I got bored of Googling tattoo images so these are just Photoshop brushes. Somehow they all look a little fake though but maybe that's just because I know so clearly it isn't there.

In case you don't believe me. Although theoretically it works both ways. I can not have a tattoo and I can fake them. Then I can have a tattoo and fake that I don't.

Haha I don't alright have one alright. Browsing through all the pretty tattoo images I tried to reassess why I never really craved for one. Ultimately it's something that is just far too permanent and visible. And I don't want to risk regretting something that can't be undone. Don't delude yourself saying you're sure you won't regret it. You'll never know till then.

On another note, I always wondered this: For women who get tattoos on their waist/hip areas, what about when you get pregnant?! It must look really hideous then. And after.

I need a new keychain. Piglet's breaking. And Paul Frank is so dirty. You can see its original colour just beneath its jaw. Ronald McDonald pin on the tag, die-hard fan.

That's what I learn for Bio on the right ): And yes I've to know every damn term in that flowchart (one of many many many)

P.S. In case different segments of my posts seem blatantly incongruous, that's because they compile numerous drafts I did at separate times and then random things at other moments in the day that I take note/think of and decide to blog about.
Saturday, August 23, 2008
Blood donation drive in school the other day. Convinced Carmen to go with me! It's my second time so I wasn't particularly eggcited. The form they make you fill up always has the same hilarious questions like "Are you donating blood so you can find out if you have AIDS?"

This year's organization was quite bad though. The whole process took 2hours and considering the donation part itself lasts only 30mins... that means 1.5hrs WAITING and WAITING. There was no plaster this year and I actually got a small wound and bruising that hasn't completely gone although it was more than a week ago, which totally didn't happen last year.

Okay you can check out unglam us in school uniform:

Chloe's damn unlucky, something went horribly wrong and they had to stop it after only half a bag of blood. She has a huge bruise now.

Looks like I got poked twice.

This year's on top and last year's below!

My first goal can be to collect all the colours and designs available. And subsequently to just cover every table/fan leg etc in my room!

I strongly advocate blood donation! Firstly, it DOES NOT HURT. The 2 pricks -one on your finger to check your iron levels and the other for the anesthetic- are very bearable and primarily so ephemeral anyway.
Secondly, it's quite FUN in this grossly fascinating and novel way. Watching your skin bulge up when the needle goes in, the tube feeling so warm across your wrist as it carries your blood, flexing your arm to see blood flow more quickly into the bag and so on.
Finally, it HELPS SOMEONE. It requires so little effort on your part but plays such a vital part in someone else's life. It's giving the most archaic gift to someone who needs it.

Hence everyone should go donate blood (: Apparently it's good for your body to make new blood anyway, instead of just sustaining it.
Thursday, August 21, 2008


(and alot of other nonsense)

Haha looks kind of goth-ish or something with the furry lashes.. This is why I love tinkering around on Photoshop! And yes I actually stole both her top and bottom eyelashes.

Resurrection of what I did last year and good old days! Haha Addie said her then boyfriend (Bryan) spent like 5minutes laughing at it.
This was way back in JAE 2007 omg so long ago. How fast time flies!

I'm watching Don't Forget the Lyrics, it's seriously alot harder than I expected. The only song I knew the answers to was Breakfast at Tiffany's.

SAJC's prom is at Fullerton this year! We were debating whether or not to go, Fullerton really would be lovely.
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Sherry's birthday the 7th August (:

Originally we had wanted to go to Escape Theme Park and we had this elaborate surprise planned that involved appearing suddenly on the train with lit candles and etc but the stupid park was closed! Although honestly the rides are all ___ once you've been there twice. And I've gone 4times already so far.

Theme was Hello Kitty because Sherry (underground tW!txZxxX) loves it erpz haha. Sorry it was not incorporated into the dress theme. We all don't have any accessories/clothes with HK on it thank you.

Crowned Miss Hello Kitty (pseudo pageant queen wave, check)

Umm I ate her entire birthday cupcake. It was from Mrs Field's, it's nice!

We rented John Tucker Must Die which was pretty hilarious. Dan from Gossip Girl (NO I DO NOT WATCH GG, I know everyone does and assumes I'm the KiNd that definitely would too, but I watched one episode and got bored. Blair is hot though) was John Tucker's brother and is absolutely hideous with curly hair.

We even acted out scenes, like of whatshername learning how to walk with all the 'TTITUDE to attract John. Videos STILL with Rachel >:(

(L-R): Rachel, Camille, Sherry, Phebe and I

Haha I decided that balloon headbutting would be a worthwhile endeavor!

Okay here I went a bit crazy with all the Photoshop brushes (cause I just downloaded some!). Anyway DOE-EYEDNESS deserves a certain level of pseudo whimsicality no?
1) Big Bambi eyes, 2) thin stretched smiles all with the 3) little sweet air

Okay don't ask. Although I think my pose is keWler.

And Sherry got the bright idea of mock Crazy Horse roleplay:
I was crowned the pro-est stripper okay!!!

HAHA head Crazy Horse-r trying to teach Rachel -"No, arch! ARCH!!"

Haha when it was Phebe's turn I simply pulled her strap down at clickety time.

We in Da HoUSe (my shutter shades can create mood okay).

Alrighty. Prelims in 6 days (there's a countdown board in school, it's absolutely depressing). Attending French class is now totally out of question, no time no time. Although I haven't even had a chance to mock present for my French prelim oral and my classmates have all gone twice.

Oh well my fault anyway. Oral exam for French H2 involves preparing a 3minute speech, then answering impromptu questions, on any topic related to France but it has to be evaluative- Problem, Measures, Evaluation etc. I just rushed mine and randomly decided to talk about labour strikes in France (a prominent issue without resolve).

Catnap meow meow.