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Saturday, August 23, 2008
Blood donation drive in school the other day. Convinced Carmen to go with me! It's my second time so I wasn't particularly eggcited. The form they make you fill up always has the same hilarious questions like "Are you donating blood so you can find out if you have AIDS?"

This year's organization was quite bad though. The whole process took 2hours and considering the donation part itself lasts only 30mins... that means 1.5hrs WAITING and WAITING. There was no plaster this year and I actually got a small wound and bruising that hasn't completely gone although it was more than a week ago, which totally didn't happen last year.

Okay you can check out unglam us in school uniform:

Chloe's damn unlucky, something went horribly wrong and they had to stop it after only half a bag of blood. She has a huge bruise now.

Looks like I got poked twice.

This year's on top and last year's below!

My first goal can be to collect all the colours and designs available. And subsequently to just cover every table/fan leg etc in my room!

I strongly advocate blood donation! Firstly, it DOES NOT HURT. The 2 pricks -one on your finger to check your iron levels and the other for the anesthetic- are very bearable and primarily so ephemeral anyway.
Secondly, it's quite FUN in this grossly fascinating and novel way. Watching your skin bulge up when the needle goes in, the tube feeling so warm across your wrist as it carries your blood, flexing your arm to see blood flow more quickly into the bag and so on.
Finally, it HELPS SOMEONE. It requires so little effort on your part but plays such a vital part in someone else's life. It's giving the most archaic gift to someone who needs it.

Hence everyone should go donate blood (: Apparently it's good for your body to make new blood anyway, instead of just sustaining it.
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