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Saturday, August 09, 2008
"It's like so far I've always been able to pull through in the end. But this time, maybe for the As I won't be able to."
And that's when I started crying. Because that's the hard truth.

Okay I'm like fairly behind time in uploading all the photos.

Rapture 2008 at Esplanade 30th July:
It's my school's annual dance concert. Haha eggciting was to see all my schoolmates dressed up. The SAJC dance seniors performed a few items too, their choreography was awesome and they had good technique like they had alot of innovative steps.
These little primary school kids performed too. Omg like totally these 6 year olds can dance better than I ever would haha.

Oh I wore heels! I hardly wear any because I have short friends. So with heels I was close to 1.8m and er towering.

"If you can't find us just look out for Sophie, she's damn tall today."

HAH. Irwin they all got a shock hahaha. (P.S Kuoloon is tip-toeing)

Chloe, Diana, Me and Jeannie. Ft. flowers for Addie

HAHA short shit omg that's why we're laughing. Miss you alot Kimmieeee!! We never did fulfill all our boy-catching plans!!

Hahaha Shaun Ng and Mom and Pops Ng.

Oh yes I forgot to mention the SAJC Ruggers were part of Rapture too, like they did the opening item which was their Hakka and some hiphop hahaha. Wawaweee 2mins of fame Dance Debut.

Sherry wore heels/wedges too! So okay not so many short friends.

Omg my legs are totally bent to a freakish extent.

My high high high heels and all my bangles with one fondly named the Jesus Bracelet. It has pictures of Jesus and Mother Mary on it, from F21.

Got home at 1.30am, slept at 2am and still attended school the next day! Cookies for me.

2 Videos from the alumni's performances:
Haunt Sweet Haunt- It's really quite freaky when you see their faces in real life.

Behind Closed Doors

Okay I'd get more videos from SAJC dance performances itself and the cutesy kids but quite lazy.

Ms Sin's birthday 1st August
She's my GP teacher, we're the Accelerated Program GP (APGP) class. I remember we used to have some lame joke about us being only Slowly Accelerating or something. We all got A1/A2 for English for Os and had to sit for this entrance test first.

APGP's like ten times more interesting though. We cover more stuff and our class is so diverse and opinionated so lessons are pretty enjoyable because we get into hilarious arguments especially when Diana (FLUFFY!!!) attends school. There's the artsy-fartsy kids who know so much about art and culture but when we cover Science and Ethics it's us science fac. kids explaining about stem cells and cloning.

The balloon Clair and I gave her!

Spot the "Over the Hill" and guess who wrote that.

HAHA seriously this is what my school's Art students do in the Art Room

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