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Thursday, August 07, 2008
The occasional downside to having formed a group of close-knit friends is that nothing can be kept unsaid anymore. Nowadays if you say one thing to one, moments later it has already spread to the others, without you having the prerogative to decide whether you wanted it said or not.

Sometimes, there are certain things I may not want everyone to know. Or I'd like to be able to tell them myself in my own time and own way. This is especially pertinent when person 1 tells it as she chooses to see it to person 2,3,4,5..etc and then eventually they all come to the same assumption without you even being able to tell it as how you really feel it is. And this has happened a few times.

As in I just kind of dislike the feeling of telling one person something and then finding out they all run and gather to tell each other and then come up with conclusions based on how each presents what I said. It kind of makes me feel like what I tell becomes so trivialised to the gossip of the day?

Anyway that aside, love you all and hope you have a great time in Genting and still gets lots of studying done (:
On my part, I'd really better study fucking alot back here if not I'd feel so stupid and hypocritical for refusing to go.

I've been in a bad mood far, far more often recently. I attribute it to stress and worry. I'm sorry if some may have been feeling the brunt of it.

Because no one believes that blisters can be so bad till they see mine! This picture doesn't even do my poor feet justice, the wounds are much grosser in real life. I've been wearing slippers to school every day wow my feet feel so free like birds woot woot erpzzz.
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