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Thursday, August 28, 2008
The past few days since I finally told my mom how badly I've been doing in school have been pretty crappy. Aside from the mandatory more-or-less-grounded-ness and increased tuition which I understand I need, my mom keeps putting me down all the time.
My self-esteem is already so low now I feel like bursting into tears every time.

I don't know why I developed this habit like all first-time parents; that is to repeatedly keep checking on your newborn to see if he's still breathing because you're so afraid this miraculous thing will be suddenly snatched brutally away from you.

I do that with my hamster which sounds totally lame I agree but I don't know, it's just a habit. My hamster's not even one year old so he still has half a life to go. Looked at it the other day and I couldn't see if its tiny ribcage was rising up and down. Opened the cage and when it didn't come rushing up to greet me with its furry little face, I knew it was dead.

"I began my presentation by handing out blank postcards to everyone in the auditorium. I invited each person to anonymously write down a secret on a card and then pass it on. For the next hour, the postcards circulated. At the end, I asked if anyone would like to stand and read the secret they were holding at that moment. A man in the front row stood up and haltingly read:

'I wish I could apologize to my younger brother for the way I treated him growing up.'

He sat down and exchanged a long look with the young man next to him. After more read aloud some of the other secrets that had been passed around, I collected all the cards. The man in the front row handed me the postcard he had read from, and the two men walked out together.

His postcard was blank."

And check this one out too I'm hooked!
The Rules pages is already the first riddle. After getting the answer to each riddle, substitute the answer into the URL and you'll be brought to a new page with a new riddle. There are like 80 levels right now I think. I'm at level 11 now!
TRY IT . TRY IT . TRY IT, then you can tell me how you did (:

If you get stuck visit the forum. If you're still REALLY stuck er you can ask me we can crack heads together. I just got gmail haha it's okay that wasn't exactly hard to guess.
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