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Monday, September 29, 2008
Open Sesame:

And this is what I spend my time doing instead of studying.

That's me pouring my h3artz and s0ulz into a song

Because she just had a facial.

Haha not mine. No daddy-o and mommy-o together.

Pink bracelet dug out from my box of Barbie dolls, F21 Jesus bracelet (seriously can you spot him?), small bangle taken from Indian classmate in P3, mom's ring, guitar pick ring from flea, Diva heart necklace.... and featuring fat fingers.

My mom has fat fingers too till now. Visibly I can't even erm.. exercise my fingers to lose finger fat since a lifetime has done my mom's ones no difference.

What if it's hereditary?! I pity my kid.

GP post-prelim exam today. Or pre-ALevels if you prefer. Okay think I'd rather call it post-prelim, it makes the ALevels seem less imminent!

I need new lines. I must have used "culminates in an amalgam of controversial issues" in 3 essays by now.
Saturday, September 27, 2008
"France is a medium-sized country situated in Europe. It is an important member of the world community, though not nearly as important as it thinks.

France has a population of 54 million people, most of whom drink and smoke a great deal, drive like lunatics, are dangerously oversexed, and have no concept of standing patiently in line.

France has a large and diversified economy, 2nd only to Germany's in Europe, which is surprising because people hardly work at all. If they are not spending 4hours dawdling over lunch, they are on strike and blocking the roads with their trucks and tractors."

HAHAHA hilarious. To me at least. Because to a certain extent many of the aforementioned characteristics are true... Half my genes are from that French pool!

Miao miao this is what Macbooks are good for!

Prelim results:
H2 Math- D
H2 Bio- C
H2 Chem- U (haha erm..)
H2 French- A
H1 GP- B
H1 Geog- U (didn't study for it at all er..)

Okay fairly bad... But compared to my BT2 results (UEU-BS respectively; yes they didn't include my French), it's an improvement!

My class has done well usual. My grades are like below class average for everything except GP! ): Haha there's even a level average for French which is so retarded because it's my score since I'm the only one taking H2 French.

Thursday, September 25, 2008
Sophie: Sell your body
Addie: Haha auction my virginity
Sophie: $1
Addie: Your phone's malfunctioning, the 6 0's at the back didn't appear

She's French.

My greatest accomplishment today:
New Word Challenge high score!
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
When As are over:

Jeannie: "Monday, SAJC Post-Prom. Tuesday, XXJC Post-Prom. Wednesday, ZOUK. Thursday, Arena. Friday, ZOUK AGAIN. Saturday, ZOUK AGAIN AGAIN."

Jeannie: "If we're not drunk we cannot go home."

Hahaha. And I realise they're both from Jeannie. DAT'S MY LYF AFTA ALEVELS MANZ. It shall consist of sleeping, going out and going online, back to back.

I'll fret everyday about what to wear because I'll be going out so much that all my clothes have been worn before. 
I'll watch useless crappy shows like Extreme Makeover and not feel guilty.
I'll go straight to the computer everyday when I get up and stay on it till I wind up late to meet friends. 
I'll consider long bus rides just a minor fleeting moment in my many empty days.
I'll make numerous plans and have many goals for a fulfilling holiday but fail them all by bumming around. 
I'll not work till I'm extremely bored or broke, whichever one comes first. 
I'll meet up with friends with absolutely no plans and no aims in mind because I'll have so much time on my hands anyway.

2 more months!
Monday, September 22, 2008
Today I did something new that shall add itself to my list of Things to Admit when I'm older.
You know the little secrets you keep all these years? 
Say after I'm married, then I'll tell my mom all the things I did without her knowing.
Or the times you secretly laughed to yourself because so-and-so did something and they thought you hadn't noticed. And how about all the things you did that you didn't tell even the Best Friend, just like all the secrets you can finally tell the Ex-es.

So come find me in a few years' time. Some stuff is really incredulous and funny :o
Sunday, September 21, 2008
Prata House and all my great aspirations for a highly productive weekend down the drain. Began today with McDonalds so that wasn't so bad.  I'm sure in a few years to come, everything that happens now becomes an anecdote.

Things don't always happen the way we want. In more ways than one. 

And on top of that, my Word Challenge high score wasn't saved! gAsP.
Friday, September 19, 2008
Okay Prelim results so far are somewhat ... alright I guess. I'd aimed to pass Math (yes my grades were originally in that desperate a situation), get C for Bio and B for GP. Failed Chem horribly but was expected, didn't study for it. If you feel bad about your Chem results, come find me, mine will cheer you up HAHA.

Got back GP today, was relieved to have maintained a B phew phew phew. The marking was rather entertaining, the teacher who had marked our AQs (comprehension) was so mean!

Compared papers with classmates, here are some comments he left with a thick, jarring pink marker:
"Yes, so what? Move on."
"Do you not know the meaning of an AQ? Stop wasting your time." 

Seriously the last one is damn bad erpz but luckily I didn't get anything of that sort.

My essay got moderated down ): The moderator actually cancelled a "well-argued" the first teacher had written wth right hahaha.

"People dwell in unfeeling concrete living boxes where the neighbour is yet another faceless habitue in the game called city life". I wrote alot of such phrases, "city life" reminds me of Sims!!! So fun, there's a Sims3 coming out ooOOoOoh Clair and I are so eggcited about it.

Here's when you get bored waiting:

I was gonna show my amazingz bunny-teeth face but it was really too hideous er so here's a toned down version.

See a shoplifting cop
See the old lady with a gun
See the hero try to run
There's children paying bills
There's monks buying thrills
Mothers weep, children sleep
So much violence ends in silence

14 days and 1 month to A-Levels! 3rd November will see me facing another blank lined paper with which to construct an essay upon woot woot. Actually I start much earlier, 22nd October with French. Sigh.

Playing Sims2 vs Studying?
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Originally we were considering a few other places including the new Butter Factory that's gonna be opposite Fullerton which would be really good since our prom's at Fullerton. But... don't know when it'll be open.

Thought of Phuture too but TPJC's having their post-prom at the main arena at the same time. Which might be a bit weird, to have 2 JCs there at the same time.

So Arena it is! At least we got rid of the ____ band that always plays there haha. Capacity's quite large too, 1000people!

HAHA funniest was when Joshua Mok heard the J1 Student Council wanted to host a non-alcoholic post-prom at MOS.

Mok: "Alright which one of you is organising the post-prom??"
SC: "Erm.."
Mok: "You don't need to, the J2s will do it."
SC: "Okay we'll let the teachers-in-charge know then."

Omg there are teachers involved? Hahahaha. Might as well hold it in the hall right. Like the paRtaYyY they always organise at the end of Orientation, where they ended up playing Chasing Cars and student councillors were on hand to stop us from jumping or clustering or whatever. 

Checked my January 2007 archives:
Day 3
Last night's SAJC so-called DISCO NIGHT was a complete fiasco. They played Christian songs. When Cheryl and I gave up and left the hall, strains of "Amazing Grace" followed us.

Finally they played "Sexyback" and we were all like OMG FINALLY, then BAM lights on disco night is over.
Monday, September 15, 2008
One of life's greatest questions,

Hair down?

Or hair up?

Haha okay kidding. I used to tie up my hair all the time till I had it cut a bit (how ironic right). Okay secret: When I pin up my fringe it can mean I haven't washed my hair...

Stumbled upon a troupe of kittens hangingz in this inaccessible power thingy. They just sat there and stared at me so cutesy.

DID NOT EDIT THIS!! I have no idea how come the kittens' eyes all turned out to be a different colour! Probably something complex about colour wavelengths and whatever but who cares it's pretty and unusual!

Woohoo set our sights far away. Okay accident we just somehow both wound up looking elsewhere.

Sarah, Me, Chloe, Addie and Jeannie. How'd I end up looking so short when I'm the tallest?

Zomgz unglam fat fingers here!!!

And to end it off!

Got back some papers today, could have been better, could have been worse. Graduation in 23days, first paper in 48days UGH I can't believe this is happening.

And reading my tagboard, only one thing to say.
HAHAHAHAHA. Hilarious.
Sunday, September 14, 2008
I feel so bad now like all these years in French class I've stoned my way through but still getting As with almost no effort.

Come the 6th and last year my class involvement (and attendance) is almost nil. Because of that, I screwed up my French coursework since I didn't know the necessary structures and missed all the deadlines.

Yet as soon as I told my classmate he immediately told me to send them to him so he could look through it, all while he's still having exams. He put in comment boxes pointing out exact problems and overall feedback to help guide me. So in the midst of his prelims he was on the phone with me discussing my errors and telling me what I should change. 

He told me to plead with my teacher to give me more time so I could redo them and send it back to him for him to look through it again once his prelims were over.

Seriously I think that's so nice of him. I was so relieved and touched I nearly cried on the phone. Like there's no reason at all for him to help me with my last-minute efforts, I'm hardly even in class and can still do well while they all work so diligently. But this time doing well needs involvement, which I so blatantly ignored while my teachers couldn't really care less because they think I don't deserve help. So thanks alot (:
Saturday, September 13, 2008
Sophie: "WAH CARMEN, the logo so big in case cannot see it right?!"
Peiling: "Oh what brand is that?"

Haha wth. But the logos are really damn big. She calls it her swimming bag, like she only uses it when she's going swimming.

I'm like the next Beatles.

Because they wanted me to compare legs...

Haha but seriously the girl is damn hot.

My new Everlast shoes. Okay which I've had for a while already actually. They kind of have a weird design. Some people think it's really weird but others think cute lorz okayz whateverz.

Clair and Peiling.

Prelims over! BIO MCQ was the last paper. I happened to do the 2007 SAJC Prelim MCQ just the night before and around 6 questions came out yesterday, EXACTLY THE SAME. A couple of others were only slightly modified.
Haha wth right seriously like questions from just the previous year's would really be the least expected to come out. Okay a few tough others though so let's see.

My mom's having an eggciting life, she was out painting the town red (haha). At 3.40am she still wasn't home!
Why's my mom having a more interesting life than me!!!?
Thursday, September 11, 2008
Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirppppppppp.

Set alarm for 9am today to study (optimism at its best). Finally rolled out at 10am. Ate pizza, read the newspaper and fell asleep again.

Set alarm for 12.15pm (exam's at 1pm). 
12.15pm: Smashed alarm and went back to sleep.

12.52pm: F....

But I am a SpeedDemon I reached school at 1.04pm! 

Bah but anyway it was for Chem MCQ and I had given up on Chem for prelims already. 
MCQ= 1 in 4 chance! I'd better believe in that since at 1.59pm I began to eenie-meenie-minee-mo for the last remaining 10+ questions, all in the 1minute before "PENS DOWN" at 2pm.

Wawawee to me.
Tuesday, September 09, 2008
"Why are you still so diplomatic on your tagboard?"

That's me! I could be a diplomat!

Reminds me of the time I told a friend that maybe one day she'd see me in Parliament and she started laughing so hard she teared, till she realised I was serious.

HAHA how pathetic right. But okay I'm not particularly fixed on the idea of being a Member of Parliament thanks. I was just being rhetorical.

Math paper in less than 6hours!
Saturday, September 06, 2008
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.. Omg okay PANIC MODE, Prelims starting again on Monday.

Darrell: "So you're practically jailed at home having tuition like seriously for every subject. What a life. That's good."

Kudos to Darrell for putting it so succintly. I just got tuition for Chem and Math, that's not every subject but it's often times enough this holidays to scream.

Sophie: "Yes totally so my tuition is $xxxx a month omg." 
Chloe: "Stunned. You can buy 3 kids from Africa please."
Sophie: "I'll name one after you. Sorry you aint rolling in the rings of expensive and mighty tuition. You aint in da hood man."
Chloe: "Okay thanks. Haha I'll never be in the high rollers tutors club. Living in the slums. Down here it's kill or be killed. Okay getting lame."
Sophie: "Won't happen, cOoL is my middle name."

Haha wtf right lame101 right here.

One of my greatest loves- McDonalds!

"Eh what's the McDelivery number?"
"67773777. Why'd you call me to get their number?!"
"Because I know you'd definitely have it."

"Omg HAHA why do you have an SMS from McDonalds?!!"
Haha just an advertisement sms but don't MesS, I share a close relationship with McDonalds....

I hate fast food breakfast though, whether McDonalds or KFC or Burger King etc etc.

I can't believe today is SATURDAY. Which means, tomorrow is SUNDAY (woah, genius clap please). AND, after that is? MONDAY.
= Exams again ugh.