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Thursday, September 11, 2008
Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirppppppppp.

Set alarm for 9am today to study (optimism at its best). Finally rolled out at 10am. Ate pizza, read the newspaper and fell asleep again.

Set alarm for 12.15pm (exam's at 1pm). 
12.15pm: Smashed alarm and went back to sleep.

12.52pm: F....

But I am a SpeedDemon I reached school at 1.04pm! 

Bah but anyway it was for Chem MCQ and I had given up on Chem for prelims already. 
MCQ= 1 in 4 chance! I'd better believe in that since at 1.59pm I began to eenie-meenie-minee-mo for the last remaining 10+ questions, all in the 1minute before "PENS DOWN" at 2pm.

Wawawee to me.
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