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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Originally we were considering a few other places including the new Butter Factory that's gonna be opposite Fullerton which would be really good since our prom's at Fullerton. But... don't know when it'll be open.

Thought of Phuture too but TPJC's having their post-prom at the main arena at the same time. Which might be a bit weird, to have 2 JCs there at the same time.

So Arena it is! At least we got rid of the ____ band that always plays there haha. Capacity's quite large too, 1000people!

HAHA funniest was when Joshua Mok heard the J1 Student Council wanted to host a non-alcoholic post-prom at MOS.

Mok: "Alright which one of you is organising the post-prom??"
SC: "Erm.."
Mok: "You don't need to, the J2s will do it."
SC: "Okay we'll let the teachers-in-charge know then."

Omg there are teachers involved? Hahahaha. Might as well hold it in the hall right. Like the paRtaYyY they always organise at the end of Orientation, where they ended up playing Chasing Cars and student councillors were on hand to stop us from jumping or clustering or whatever. 

Checked my January 2007 archives:
Day 3
Last night's SAJC so-called DISCO NIGHT was a complete fiasco. They played Christian songs. When Cheryl and I gave up and left the hall, strains of "Amazing Grace" followed us.

Finally they played "Sexyback" and we were all like OMG FINALLY, then BAM lights on disco night is over.
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