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Monday, September 15, 2008
One of life's greatest questions,

Hair down?

Or hair up?

Haha okay kidding. I used to tie up my hair all the time till I had it cut a bit (how ironic right). Okay secret: When I pin up my fringe it can mean I haven't washed my hair...

Stumbled upon a troupe of kittens hangingz in this inaccessible power thingy. They just sat there and stared at me so cutesy.

DID NOT EDIT THIS!! I have no idea how come the kittens' eyes all turned out to be a different colour! Probably something complex about colour wavelengths and whatever but who cares it's pretty and unusual!

Woohoo set our sights far away. Okay accident we just somehow both wound up looking elsewhere.

Sarah, Me, Chloe, Addie and Jeannie. How'd I end up looking so short when I'm the tallest?

Zomgz unglam fat fingers here!!!

And to end it off!

Got back some papers today, could have been better, could have been worse. Graduation in 23days, first paper in 48days UGH I can't believe this is happening.

And reading my tagboard, only one thing to say.
HAHAHAHAHA. Hilarious.
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