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Wednesday, September 24, 2008
When As are over:

Jeannie: "Monday, SAJC Post-Prom. Tuesday, XXJC Post-Prom. Wednesday, ZOUK. Thursday, Arena. Friday, ZOUK AGAIN. Saturday, ZOUK AGAIN AGAIN."

Jeannie: "If we're not drunk we cannot go home."

Hahaha. And I realise they're both from Jeannie. DAT'S MY LYF AFTA ALEVELS MANZ. It shall consist of sleeping, going out and going online, back to back.

I'll fret everyday about what to wear because I'll be going out so much that all my clothes have been worn before. 
I'll watch useless crappy shows like Extreme Makeover and not feel guilty.
I'll go straight to the computer everyday when I get up and stay on it till I wind up late to meet friends. 
I'll consider long bus rides just a minor fleeting moment in my many empty days.
I'll make numerous plans and have many goals for a fulfilling holiday but fail them all by bumming around. 
I'll not work till I'm extremely bored or broke, whichever one comes first. 
I'll meet up with friends with absolutely no plans and no aims in mind because I'll have so much time on my hands anyway.

2 more months!
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