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Thursday, October 30, 2008
I know my dreams and I know my aspirations. I know I don't want to be yet another blank face in the throng, weary individuals identical in their tacit representation of the human spirit battered by life. I don't want an ordinary life, I want an extraordinary one.

Yet I dwell in this inertia. Once in a while I slide into the driver's seat and set the gears in motion. But quickly I stop pressing and look out to see that I'm still rooted to the same spot.

.....Actually I wrote that like more than a week ago. I have a personal diary in which I write sometimes. When I was younger I was used to religious diary-keeping. I have like 5 full diaries penned by my younger self sitting in my closet haha erm don't go prying they're embarrassing.

Beary fun! Worst is that I found more bears in my room after that.

Cyberspace lists me as single and looking for friends, check and check. Facebook is annoying, why can't I have more than one relationship request, I was going to go into Addie's account and marry myself- "So much for romance."; "I'll send you a virtual rose!"

It's pretty obvious that I'm still not sure. So I don't see the point of you doing this.
Sunday, October 26, 2008
Today, I fell asleep in church- you know, the unglamorous lolling of the head and slow unconscious leaning towards the stranger beside you in your slumber. That is, till my mom poked me awake and said I was sitting next to a pastor.
Saturday, October 25, 2008
Jeannie: "Did Addie tell you? This unknown called her about post-prom and asked for tickets and if we have photographers."
Sophie: "Uh-huh. We already have a photographer what."
Jeannie: "Yeah and anyway, he called me too and asked the same thing?"
Sophie: "What's the number?"
Jeannie: "Starts with xxxx-something"
Sophie: "OMG he called me too! But I didn't pick up."

Yeah I hate picking up calls because my phone is in a really bad state now like bzzzz bad reception. Haha when we first agreed to put up our numbers on facebook for SAJC's post-prom, the possibility of getting these weird phone calls already went through my mind. Okay perils of the trade errrrrrrr.

Yesterday I wasted like 12345 smses discussing Prom Queen nominees. Diana and Addie got it too and spent so long saying they'd do it if the other did it and not replying the J1 councillor that they got struck off the list haha. I told the girl all 3 of us would do it if we can all be in it but she says no more vacancies zzzzz. 

You've to send in pictures for them to put up at Prom (FULLERTON) and so primarily my main incentive for joining is so I can send them the photo of me with chopsticks in my mouth, which I have fondly dubbed the Walrus Photo:

V. unglam but funny what!!!! Like imagine that staring down at you during Prom hahahaha.

And I want to get to answer WORLD PEACE for my Q&A, whatever the question may be! Oh and Addie says you get a free makeover before Prom ($_$) ! Haha we kept saying maybe we should just accept for the freebies and then disappear to the toilet before it's time to go up on stage or whatever.

But anyway think I don't want to do it either. Chloe rejected them way in the beginning so no story there but since Addie and Diana won't be in it then not much fun already... 
Like Amanda Lim The Dancer (haha sorry that's just how we always refer to her as) rejected it too. So now it'll be left with Amanda Chan The Council President and Monique I guess.

Prom King nominees were rather random too like those we thought were a shoo-in didn't get it and so on and okay now I don't know who I'd vote for.

But whatever Fullerton babyz! And post prom after and then a whole succession of late nights out woot woot and 8 GLORIOUS MONTHS of rotting my life away yeehaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Thursday, October 23, 2008
Teehee my bestie promoting my new album!

Woah it's the new Vogue baby.
23rd Oct 2008, 12:00 AM
someone - sophie: who are your fans?
22nd Oct 2008, 10:42 PM
bac: reading blogs.. seriously. they are not that long.
22nd Oct 2008, 10:18 PM
sophie: I know why many of you, my dear fans, have wondered where i got my graceful long neck. for starters, you just need to be really kaypoh.
22nd Oct 2008, 10:17 PM
sophie: i dont read alot of books, but i do read alot of blogs. maybe that's how i improve day by day, just like how the French since World War II.

Er obviously the "sophie" who tagged is not me. For starters, why on earth would I insinuate myself to be kaypoh?! And I wouldn't shoot myself in the foot saying I have a long neck etc because there's bound to be people saying giraffe after that or something zzz. And I DO read alot of books. Blogs have only been around for the last few years or so, and they aren't exactly the most credible source of information. AND NO I WOULD NEVER CALL ANYONE MY FAN.

Okay buHbyE the Internet's more interesting elsewhere.
Tuesday, October 21, 2008
So on Friday two old Secondary school friends, Rachel and Diana, came over.
Rachel: "Hellooooooo I am outside your door!"
Sophie: "Ughmg I'm still in bed.."

Cause Diana can't do it. Shocking right. It's like a prerequisite for normal social interaction.

Cause I've a long tongue!

Okay video that's only funny to us. Diana sucks she hasn't even heard of the song before.

French ALevels tomorrow! I'm most confident about French of course but it's still scary to be taking my first ALevel paper. I'm one of those paranoid students who always fear their exam script will get lost or some other freak thing occurs; I like to errr double staple papers and so on haha. So fingers crossed for tomorrow, hope nothing screws up!

And weight lost begets me free food $_$ because my classmates think I'm shrinking haha woot woot. Wasabi fries aren't that nice. The Shaker ones were nicer.
Pizza again for dinner yay and I finally set up IChat and Skype so come talk to me but wait I must work on my Skype-pose my face looks damn fat musttiltsideways hahaha okay kidding but must make sure I hide my bespectacled face from the world!


Sunday, October 19, 2008
Omg 5am. I am so excruciatingly tired but rat-face (Addie) is coming over because she has secret designs on me and wants to see my newly waxed legs (erm one leg only).

Last night was probably the most exciting night for er ages. I witnessed a crime! 
Okay semi. It was around 3am (and you wonder why my eyebags are so bad) when I heard shouting so I looked out the window and saw one man running and screaming frantically, continuously glancing back. At the same time, another figure left the scene in the opposite direction, looking about furtively. A few minutes later, an ambulance pulled up and police officers started taking notes and whatever it is they do.

So we went down and saw this very dazed and bandaged man loaded unto the ambulance while the officers took down our particulars and asked us questions. He called me again at 4am to go to my window and see from there if an individual they had detained was the one I had seen running away, which it wasn't sadly.

Okay there goes my story for the er.. month. At least I can add this to my list of Things To Experience Before I Turn 30, and simultaneously strike it off!
Saturday, October 18, 2008
Kuoloon's surprise birthday some time ago with soccer boys:

We were supposed to meet at Aston's at The Cathay which has the most retarded queuing system ever.

Guanghao: EH where are you?!
Sophie: Still at home. Meeting at 1pm right?
Guanghao: Everyone's here already!

Fast and speedy taxi down ($13.80 sob sob I actually CALLED for a cab).

Sophie: Okay I'm downstairs where are you all?
Guanghao: 4th floor. Did you come with anyone? No one's here yet.

$@#*&%! Spot the contradiction? But they had been queuing for over an hour and erm because most of us were late we lost our tables.

Kuoloon, Irwin

Kuoloon: "Eh don't use flash, I don't look nice with flash."

Irwin, Gus.

Haha check it out, Kuoloon's totally oblivious to Yijie talking to him as long as my camera is on him.

Cake time

Irwin: "Eh Sophie, switch seats with Guanghao."
Kuoloon: "Don't smash cake on me!!!"
Irwin: "Happy Birthday Kuoloon and Guanghao cause wedidn'tcelebrateyourbirthdaylasttime."

Retarded right, Irwin's so cheapo haha and like didn't inform any of us about it.

He was tiptoeing.

My French ALevels start on Wednesday omg so scary like my first paper's next week! 

Ugh in almost every aspect of my life right now I have no idea what I'm doing. As each day passes I get more and more unsure. At moments I feel strong conviction but determination has never been my strong suit. I'm shrinking in more ways than one, besides the fact that I've actually gone below the 50kg mark. Help me ):
Thursday, October 16, 2008

HeHehehexx! Try and spot me!!! Er I've always been tall so always in the back row.

Primary 4. 3rd from left. The very pale girl with erm specs.
Yesterday I stood and looked out the window for the longest time. That was when I really wished I had a balcony with a swing on it.

Maybe I overreacted. Exam stress is such that my frustration is multiplied ten-fold. But the fury that came was so natural. First time I ever got so angry that I was shaking. Generally I rarely get angry, my impassiveness is such as that. That aside, it made me feel like it definitely wasn't worth all this for something so fucked up in the first place.

On a side note, I really hope Obama wins! I've religiously been following all the American Election news and I know he's leading but like reports showed, race may still be a factor. 

He wants to end the long-dragging Iraq war and I think that having a black President for the world's most powerful country would be really revolutionary; and prove how far we've come and can go from the days such as of the Apartheid.

The financial crisis is such that I think Americans should be sufficiently frightened to move away from the Republican government that helped cause it. Fingers crossed I hope so! 
God knows why I even care so much, I don't bother this much about Singapore's one (not much of a contest anyway). But PAP ftw foreverzx!

And DOWN WITH SARAH PALIN. Like yeah proximity of Alaska to Russia attributes her foreign policy experience. WTF? Plus McCain's selections for Treasury Secretary aren't that wise either. So Obama with "Change We Can Believe In" thankz chewz very much.

Reminds me, my mom and I were watching korean dramas (what's new) in which the bad guys had just been denounced.
Sophie: "YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Mom: "Yeah good that they got caught, can't believe you're so happy. But yes it's great!!!!"
Sophie: "Umm I just cheered because the newspaper says that Sarah Palin's popularity is waning."

Haha what happened to the days where she'd force me to read the newspaper? Nowadays all she does is threaten to cancel it and I answer that she could just stop smoking and 2packets of cigarettes would cover the newspaper cost.
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
A few hours ago I was involved in an elaborate plan by my friend for his girlfriend, which saw me signing into his MSN and talking to said girlfriend, telling her things like "clap your hands now" while he simultaneously rang her doorbell.

This would have all been very romantic and sweet if it weren't a convoluted ploy to lead to their break up.

What is the point of boys anyway? Ultimately I can erm... even kiss my girl friends if I want to. And boys are fast losing their archaic reproductive purposes. With sperm banks, artificial insemination and what not, boys are becoming obsolete! In this technological era, mechanization is such that men aren't even needed for back-breaking manual labour anymore.

Idealistically, the best boyfriend would be....................... a male version of me! Hahaha. Like really, I'm tall for a girl, so he'd be a tall guy too so that's height issues taken care of. Secondly, I'm assuming we'll get along fine since same wavelength and etc. But a male me would mean he's skinny as fuck for a guy, and mega loser cause he'd get erm... E for pull-ups.
Sunday, October 12, 2008
Farewell Assembly 2008 on Thursday!

So they made us sit through slides and slides of high-scorers for Prelims, sob sob sob so depressing! Erm cried while we linked arms and sang the school hymn, it's the same as St Margs' so I've sang that song for 6 years!

I don't feel that attached to SAJC, but just the fact that I'm in it means I'll still vividly remember it as being part of my life, my experiences and my memories. 

My class!

Often I lament how SAJC has not really helped nurture us. CIP, leadership, attachment etc opportunities are almost zilch.

Whereas like for example my CJC tutor says they organised an INTERNAL Science Camp but recommended all their students to join it because they list it as Pre-U Seminar Science Camp on the students' cert?! Pre-U Sem is like how prestigious please!
I quote him: "SAJC does very little to help its students". And erm he used to be from SAJC.

Yeah and like our input (L1R5 scores) are pretty good, 8 for Science and 10 for Arts for my year (2007), but the output (A-Level results) aren't that awesome... Saaaaaaaaad.

Ultimately though, I can't think of any other JC where I would fit in better. JCs like AJC and ACJC would probably have helped me get better results. But I've made truly worthwhile friends in SAJC that make school alot more bearable (:

My Civics Tutor (CT). She's getting married next year, 3rd October! Woot woot we are all invited to the matrimonial ceremony. Guess I'll be able to wear my garden hat!!!

GP teacher, Miss Sin!

Hihi we must bring in the As for GP, fellow E7A classmates!!!

Sadly we've been ranked 2nd best class behind Band B for like, ages.
Joshua: "Band B is going DOWN."
Hahahahaha. Honestly GP class is the only one I look forward to and pay attention to. And do the homework. Our class is always so interactive and interesting!

Okay try and spot who are the artsy-kids in our class. Clue: Zoom in on the weird ones....

Addie's prom date! Okay fake one. He refuses to say "panties"! Haha his class even locked him out and made the password to enter "panties", but he still wouldn't.

Trying to escape Addie's clutches.

Our school provides free buffet lunch for all the graduating J2s. Apparently during this period the J1s were told to get out of school because they feared they'd go in and pilfer food...

If I were J1, I would! I'm sure you can just stroll in and randomly say something like "I can't believe school's ended already!" and everyone would assume you're J2.

Okay sorry same face repeated like 123456 times.

Soccer team!

The things I'm willing to do...

Black tuff of hair bottom left corner was Yijie. And hence you can see Guanghao and I crouching because the next second Yijie came pouncing...

I miss school already! Even canteen food yum yum...

Oh and you know you've really developed a reputation as a glutton when all surprise presents that people give you nowadays consist of McDonalds....
Seriously, yesterday I wound up eating McDonalds twice because of that haha oh well LuRf FaSt FoOd!!