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Monday, October 13, 2008
Am I the only one awake at this hour? I hate these empty, late hours, it's when I feel the loneliest.

Sometimes I think to myself that it'd have been better if I'd never met you. Because after all these months, I don't think I've gained anything. Instead I got tears, anger, resentment, confusion. And I don't mean just your mistake, I mean everything. I know you're trying. But sometimes I don't see the point of it anymore.

But you only wanted me
The way you wanted me
So, I will head out alone, hope for the best
And we hang our heads down
As we skip the goodbyes

I miss you already. But as time passes little things just keep adding themselves to previous things. Because I don't stand for your beliefs. In the long run I think new problems will just keep surfacing. This is a fucked up time to be doing this but to have short term happiness to keep me going through As isn't fair to you either. I don't know what to do now.
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