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Sunday, October 12, 2008
Farewell Assembly 2008 on Thursday!

So they made us sit through slides and slides of high-scorers for Prelims, sob sob sob so depressing! Erm cried while we linked arms and sang the school hymn, it's the same as St Margs' so I've sang that song for 6 years!

I don't feel that attached to SAJC, but just the fact that I'm in it means I'll still vividly remember it as being part of my life, my experiences and my memories. 

My class!

Often I lament how SAJC has not really helped nurture us. CIP, leadership, attachment etc opportunities are almost zilch.

Whereas like for example my CJC tutor says they organised an INTERNAL Science Camp but recommended all their students to join it because they list it as Pre-U Seminar Science Camp on the students' cert?! Pre-U Sem is like how prestigious please!
I quote him: "SAJC does very little to help its students". And erm he used to be from SAJC.

Yeah and like our input (L1R5 scores) are pretty good, 8 for Science and 10 for Arts for my year (2007), but the output (A-Level results) aren't that awesome... Saaaaaaaaad.

Ultimately though, I can't think of any other JC where I would fit in better. JCs like AJC and ACJC would probably have helped me get better results. But I've made truly worthwhile friends in SAJC that make school alot more bearable (:

My Civics Tutor (CT). She's getting married next year, 3rd October! Woot woot we are all invited to the matrimonial ceremony. Guess I'll be able to wear my garden hat!!!

GP teacher, Miss Sin!

Hihi we must bring in the As for GP, fellow E7A classmates!!!

Sadly we've been ranked 2nd best class behind Band B for like, ages.
Joshua: "Band B is going DOWN."
Hahahahaha. Honestly GP class is the only one I look forward to and pay attention to. And do the homework. Our class is always so interactive and interesting!

Okay try and spot who are the artsy-kids in our class. Clue: Zoom in on the weird ones....

Addie's prom date! Okay fake one. He refuses to say "panties"! Haha his class even locked him out and made the password to enter "panties", but he still wouldn't.

Trying to escape Addie's clutches.

Our school provides free buffet lunch for all the graduating J2s. Apparently during this period the J1s were told to get out of school because they feared they'd go in and pilfer food...

If I were J1, I would! I'm sure you can just stroll in and randomly say something like "I can't believe school's ended already!" and everyone would assume you're J2.

Okay sorry same face repeated like 123456 times.

Soccer team!

The things I'm willing to do...

Black tuff of hair bottom left corner was Yijie. And hence you can see Guanghao and I crouching because the next second Yijie came pouncing...

I miss school already! Even canteen food yum yum...

Oh and you know you've really developed a reputation as a glutton when all surprise presents that people give you nowadays consist of McDonalds....
Seriously, yesterday I wound up eating McDonalds twice because of that haha oh well LuRf FaSt FoOd!!
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