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Tuesday, October 14, 2008
A few hours ago I was involved in an elaborate plan by my friend for his girlfriend, which saw me signing into his MSN and talking to said girlfriend, telling her things like "clap your hands now" while he simultaneously rang her doorbell.

This would have all been very romantic and sweet if it weren't a convoluted ploy to lead to their break up.

What is the point of boys anyway? Ultimately I can erm... even kiss my girl friends if I want to. And boys are fast losing their archaic reproductive purposes. With sperm banks, artificial insemination and what not, boys are becoming obsolete! In this technological era, mechanization is such that men aren't even needed for back-breaking manual labour anymore.

Idealistically, the best boyfriend would be....................... a male version of me! Hahaha. Like really, I'm tall for a girl, so he'd be a tall guy too so that's height issues taken care of. Secondly, I'm assuming we'll get along fine since same wavelength and etc. But a male me would mean he's skinny as fuck for a guy, and mega loser cause he'd get erm... E for pull-ups.
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