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Saturday, October 25, 2008
Jeannie: "Did Addie tell you? This unknown called her about post-prom and asked for tickets and if we have photographers."
Sophie: "Uh-huh. We already have a photographer what."
Jeannie: "Yeah and anyway, he called me too and asked the same thing?"
Sophie: "What's the number?"
Jeannie: "Starts with xxxx-something"
Sophie: "OMG he called me too! But I didn't pick up."

Yeah I hate picking up calls because my phone is in a really bad state now like bzzzz bad reception. Haha when we first agreed to put up our numbers on facebook for SAJC's post-prom, the possibility of getting these weird phone calls already went through my mind. Okay perils of the trade errrrrrrr.

Yesterday I wasted like 12345 smses discussing Prom Queen nominees. Diana and Addie got it too and spent so long saying they'd do it if the other did it and not replying the J1 councillor that they got struck off the list haha. I told the girl all 3 of us would do it if we can all be in it but she says no more vacancies zzzzz. 

You've to send in pictures for them to put up at Prom (FULLERTON) and so primarily my main incentive for joining is so I can send them the photo of me with chopsticks in my mouth, which I have fondly dubbed the Walrus Photo:

V. unglam but funny what!!!! Like imagine that staring down at you during Prom hahahaha.

And I want to get to answer WORLD PEACE for my Q&A, whatever the question may be! Oh and Addie says you get a free makeover before Prom ($_$) ! Haha we kept saying maybe we should just accept for the freebies and then disappear to the toilet before it's time to go up on stage or whatever.

But anyway think I don't want to do it either. Chloe rejected them way in the beginning so no story there but since Addie and Diana won't be in it then not much fun already... 
Like Amanda Lim The Dancer (haha sorry that's just how we always refer to her as) rejected it too. So now it'll be left with Amanda Chan The Council President and Monique I guess.

Prom King nominees were rather random too like those we thought were a shoo-in didn't get it and so on and okay now I don't know who I'd vote for.

But whatever Fullerton babyz! And post prom after and then a whole succession of late nights out woot woot and 8 GLORIOUS MONTHS of rotting my life away yeehaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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