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Sunday, October 05, 2008
McDonald's would be proud to have such an ardent fan!
And I'm not looking away because I want to attempt a I-didn't-know-my-picture-was-taken-although-my-arm-is-clearly-attached-to-the-camera or a I'm-thinking-deep-intellectual-thoughts-you-aren't-privy-to, I'm simply looking away because..... when I don't smile I don't have eyebags hahaha.

My math tutor is so mean, he looked at my working and said "No one does it this way. Except those that get it wrong". Hahaha.

Oooh my Sims are so interesting. I'm currently playing this new young couple who just had a baby, but..... the husband is having an affair with his coworker! He even brings her home and makes out out with her in front of the baby while the wife is in the next room!
GaSp how scandalous, really sounds like those bastard husbands that get retribution. And worst of all is that the wife really wants to be friends with this adulterous woman. If only she knewwwwwww.
Sounds so Camelia-Princess Di.

Today was extremely unproductive ): Got up at 5pm omg that's bad even for me. Even worse, I played Sims2/went online for the rest of the evening.
Killz Mez Nowz Emoz Kidz 4 Lyfz.
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