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Sunday, October 19, 2008
Omg 5am. I am so excruciatingly tired but rat-face (Addie) is coming over because she has secret designs on me and wants to see my newly waxed legs (erm one leg only).

Last night was probably the most exciting night for er ages. I witnessed a crime! 
Okay semi. It was around 3am (and you wonder why my eyebags are so bad) when I heard shouting so I looked out the window and saw one man running and screaming frantically, continuously glancing back. At the same time, another figure left the scene in the opposite direction, looking about furtively. A few minutes later, an ambulance pulled up and police officers started taking notes and whatever it is they do.

So we went down and saw this very dazed and bandaged man loaded unto the ambulance while the officers took down our particulars and asked us questions. He called me again at 4am to go to my window and see from there if an individual they had detained was the one I had seen running away, which it wasn't sadly.

Okay there goes my story for the er.. month. At least I can add this to my list of Things To Experience Before I Turn 30, and simultaneously strike it off!
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