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Tuesday, October 21, 2008
So on Friday two old Secondary school friends, Rachel and Diana, came over.
Rachel: "Hellooooooo I am outside your door!"
Sophie: "Ughmg I'm still in bed.."

Cause Diana can't do it. Shocking right. It's like a prerequisite for normal social interaction.

Cause I've a long tongue!

Okay video that's only funny to us. Diana sucks she hasn't even heard of the song before.

French ALevels tomorrow! I'm most confident about French of course but it's still scary to be taking my first ALevel paper. I'm one of those paranoid students who always fear their exam script will get lost or some other freak thing occurs; I like to errr double staple papers and so on haha. So fingers crossed for tomorrow, hope nothing screws up!

And weight lost begets me free food $_$ because my classmates think I'm shrinking haha woot woot. Wasabi fries aren't that nice. The Shaker ones were nicer.
Pizza again for dinner yay and I finally set up IChat and Skype so come talk to me but wait I must work on my Skype-pose my face looks damn fat musttiltsideways hahaha okay kidding but must make sure I hide my bespectacled face from the world!
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