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Thursday, October 16, 2008
Yesterday I stood and looked out the window for the longest time. That was when I really wished I had a balcony with a swing on it.

Maybe I overreacted. Exam stress is such that my frustration is multiplied ten-fold. But the fury that came was so natural. First time I ever got so angry that I was shaking. Generally I rarely get angry, my impassiveness is such as that. That aside, it made me feel like it definitely wasn't worth all this for something so fucked up in the first place.

On a side note, I really hope Obama wins! I've religiously been following all the American Election news and I know he's leading but like reports showed, race may still be a factor. 

He wants to end the long-dragging Iraq war and I think that having a black President for the world's most powerful country would be really revolutionary; and prove how far we've come and can go from the days such as of the Apartheid.

The financial crisis is such that I think Americans should be sufficiently frightened to move away from the Republican government that helped cause it. Fingers crossed I hope so! 
God knows why I even care so much, I don't bother this much about Singapore's one (not much of a contest anyway). But PAP ftw foreverzx!

And DOWN WITH SARAH PALIN. Like yeah proximity of Alaska to Russia attributes her foreign policy experience. WTF? Plus McCain's selections for Treasury Secretary aren't that wise either. So Obama with "Change We Can Believe In" thankz chewz very much.

Reminds me, my mom and I were watching korean dramas (what's new) in which the bad guys had just been denounced.
Sophie: "YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Mom: "Yeah good that they got caught, can't believe you're so happy. But yes it's great!!!!"
Sophie: "Umm I just cheered because the newspaper says that Sarah Palin's popularity is waning."

Haha what happened to the days where she'd force me to read the newspaper? Nowadays all she does is threaten to cancel it and I answer that she could just stop smoking and 2packets of cigarettes would cover the newspaper cost.
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