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Saturday, November 29, 2008
Last night spelt having to consider wearing a seatbelt while sitting at the back of a Mini (usually you don't right?!) as I got hurtled around in the bumpiest ride ever.

Add that to getting lost in Serangoon for half an hour, then arriving at a THAI DISCO. HAHA omg experience of a lifetime, but I shan't call it entirely pleasant. Dirty Old Men "helping" the thai girls to pull up their tops saying it was too low, middle-aged business men who can't get girlfriends and etc. A.k.a, the clientele were all men. Hence all the thai girls stared at me wondering if I was a new recruit or something.
There were a couple of really pretty/hot thai girls though! What a waste.

Zouk after instead of movies cause it was too late, sadly severely underdressed because I wasn't expecting that we'd end up there! Sheesh tried to learn to appreciate trance but really, I can't even tell when one song starts and another ends.


2 days to Prom on Monday-
Addie: I got hit in the eye with a ping pong bat, got blue black!!!

Omg I still find it extremely amusing. 
Got my prom dress today, I gave up and headed straight to Guess and got the one I had reserved. The staff had to go to the Taka outlet to get my size though, hmph why do they not take teenage girls seriously when they reserve something?!

ANYWAY SO NO ONE MUST BUY THEIR DRESS FROM GUESS NOW THANKS. Okay although I'm probably the last person to be getting theirs at this late date but yeah, just don't go there haha I don't want to end up having a twin at Prom!

Later alligators need my beauty sleep and all that; alright I'm lying I still have carrot cake from SoupSpoon, which means I'll end up staying online for a long while more.
Friday, November 28, 2008
SO BORED. Sheesh I really thought my post ALevels would be more exciting than this. Could go Zouk but I hate trance and all my fellow trance-haters are gone with the wind. I HAVE EVEN RUN OUT OF THINGS TO DO ONLINE omg the situation is dire.

I could start on Christmas presents. Handmade ones for everybody haha I want to save money. If I don't get a prom dress tomorrow I shall cry. I've a KIV (Keep In View) from Guess, it's reserved for me till tomorrow I think. 

My whole body clock is messed up! Been sleeping around 6am every day, even last night; although I got home before midnight. Got up at 5pm today thisdoesnotbodewell.

I could embark on a compelling discussion regarding any of my random pet topics (which I've yet to concretely establish considering I just decided I should have some) but really I've been sitting here far too long in my pjs and unwashed face and hair, I am a disgrace to society because I am not even out there contributing in the most common way i.e. spending money.
Thursday, November 27, 2008
First time I'm actually home in time to see my mother this whole week. Am getting tired and broke. My throat hurts. I still do not have a prom dress! Getting worried sheesh can't wait for prom and post-prom to be over, so lazy to do post-prom planning and whatever too.

Got so frustrated just now when I realised how far down the pecking order I am. I'm so sick of having my life decided by people smarter, richer, more powerful and generally born luckier than I am. I hate that some of us have to work for it and some of us don't. I hate that the rest of my life I shall be confined to this simple existence; another mere passing in a world that will keep spinning regardless of what any of us attempt or fail to do.
Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Hehexzx my brother. Look alike not. But I insist on saying I'm the older one. Sheesh Marco's eyebrows so unkempt here haha.

Class Chalet:
OMG hate the East for life. Okay I hate it cause it's well.. in the East. Couldn't the East be more centrally located?!

MRT to the wilderness a.k.a the East.

We got hungry and schemed to ask random guys at the poolside for food because it looked like they had beehoon. Cabbed to Downtown East to buy another bottle cause we finished the one we had brought but grrr new ruling I keep forgetting it; no sale of alcohol after midnight wtfffff annoying!!

Called Geran and he actually came all the way down with his bottle of Smirnoff. Omg his cabfare cost me $40!

But hilarious anyway the guys we had befriended were 16 year olds from Catholic High track and field. Got them very drunk and then I threw peas and corn at them hahahaha.

Can totally be my new hobby! Can barely remember what I was doing after Os.

Haha the sight back at the chalet. 
Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Prom dress emergency because prom is just next Monday but we have bored Marco senseless going into so many shops. Spent $100 and none of it went to a prom dress. Got my feelings cheated at F21; bought a top cause I thought it was $30 and hence quite okay but turned out to be $40 at the cashier but sob too embarrassing to refuse haha.

Have been to the hospital every alternate day for Owen's mom, wawawee I know the way up like the back of my hand. Watched Body of Lies last night, far too draggy and fairly boring. Sheesh and the boys remained stone-faced when Leonardo DiCaprio's fingers got hammered and he was writhing in pain while I'm like gasping and covering my face.

Class chalet tonight, hopefully I can spike their drinks :o Will mean that I haven't seen my mom since Sunday though erm haha.

Oh and I enrolled in SSDC quite a while ago. Basic Theory Test date booked for December! Regretz not signing up earlier ugh. I so swear I must pass everything on the first try! (Hopefully anyway, fingers crossed.) Haha at most I go practice driving in my car park...

Meow meow.
Monday, November 24, 2008
Stepped on to the weighing scale this morning and was only mildly surprised to see that I'd lost yet another kg. This is not good.
Saturday, November 22, 2008
End of ALevels can be translated to seeing the b&w "You Should Be Studying" screensaver that has squatted my phone for over a year and smiling slightly to myself.

So today a few minutes ago and to the wails of Sigur Ros, I became completely single (yes completely because I don't know what to define our status as previously). I know you tried, I know I've been a bitch, I know I've said and done very hurtful things. And although I'm the one that wanted this to end, I'm still sitting here crying a little. I'll miss you.

GIRLFRIENDS WHERE ARE YOUUUUUU. Okay actually I know. Jeannie's in NY, Chloe in Malaysia, Addie's busy with her new b. Sob.

Zouk last night:
Guess who has tickets to Zoukout already? You get one free when you recontract with Singtel.

OMG Kenneth picked us up in a VAN HAHAHAHA. 
Chloe: "I thought you were kidding when you said it was a van!!!!"
Kenneth: "But Mercedes van!"
Haha big deal it stalled every time we went over a hump too quickly. Hilarious. Should just have cabbed please hahaha.

Marco brushing his teeth but not like he got mouth-mouth action anyway. And turning very red due to his secret stash of alcohol.

I'm wearing those nu-bra thingys quite relieved/surprised it erm didn't drop off.

Woke up way too early today. Haven't eaten. I've been eating very little I don't know why. Addie they all think I'm like anorexic.............

Sigh fuck this don't know what to do now why is nobody awake.
Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hi kittykats done with ALevels woohoo! At Bishan Library yesterday all the students studying there were either Bio or Lit students, what an affinity we all share due to having late papers! 

Watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua (don't laugh) because we decided we needed a no-brainer bimbo movie (and am also strongly against Daniel Craig staring as the new 007 James Bond). Surprisingly it was actually a very sweet show albeit occasionally extremely lame lines- "We are Chihuahuas; we are small but we are mighty!". But that's Walt Disney fulfilling criteria for child audiences I guess.

Sad is that we have our post A-Levels in the midst of an impending recession though. It's like I'd feel bad to ask my mom for a few k to go to Australia or for pocket money especially when my expenses are going to skyrocket. If we go places like Bangkok or HK I'm kind of prepared to fork out my own money. Sob sob if I was a rich girl..........

Okokok I am sitting here in zebra-print leggings; don't know what we're doing later but Zouk tomorrow! Geez Louise haven't been to town in ages I've forgotten how it looks like. Bye bye say hi if you see me.
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008
My mom in leopard-print pants, cooler than Tammy not hahaha.

Because my mom claims she likes having her photo taken (the dog not my mom...). Sob why does the dog look like she shrinking away from me.

Am not posing! Best way to avoid armpit fats!


Role Reversal:
Kiss mother on cheek. Sniff. Move back in to smell.
"Is that the smell of cigarettes?"

Bio P3 (Applications) today was alright-ish. Came home and slept 5 hours woohoo. 

Class representative (Eugene) wants to have a class picnic after Bio on Thursday at Sentosa. Am seriously trying to imagine 20 students in uniform at Sentosa beach erm hahaha.

My mom is asking me if I want to join belly-dancing............................................
Friday, November 14, 2008
Huff puff puff a short run from drop-off point to the Hall and I'm out of breath. $10 taxi ride due to calling for one and because I didn't bother to take the change. Ran like the wind! Past a whole bunch of J1s going for some school thingy and my J1 Civics Tutor who laughed at me because she's very familiar with my late-coming habits (and despairs at them).

Entered the Hall with 4 minutes to spare! Cookies for me!!!

Chem MCQ... Started at a good speed but got distracted halfway captivated by another random girl asking the teacher for something. Result, didn't read the last 2 questions and hence eenie-meenie-miniee-moed for those and 3 other questions I had skipped. Sob ): And I actually knew (think I do anyway) the answer to the last question, which I had guessed wrongly!

Eeeee sorry I look so wannabe cutesy. 
Chloe: "I'm going to buy this if it's less than $30"
Sophie: "What for?!"
Chloe: "So soft! OMG it's like fifty bucks"

Crazy not. For that stupid beanie/hat.

Trawled through everything at F21, Warehouse, Topshop, Zara etc. No one found something to buy! Why like this. And prom dress how.

2 papers left (Bio). Ridiculous why must they drag 4 papers over 2 weeks for me. 2 papers left why must I end only on Thursday a.k.a missing Mambo and will be done when everyone else is busy sleeping in from having gone Mambo. Grrr.