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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Got up at 4pm today, and discovered that I've lost $2.5k from some stupid fund my money is in ICURSEYOUAMERICA (& DBS).

Wawawee my mom has stopped smoking (or is trying to anyway). 2 weeks and I didn't even notice haha but not my fault I just assumed she had smoked when she was out. Okay so hi friends no more smoking at my house she says it'll make her want to (duh).

And I had dreamt she had stopped smoking! As in, during the period where she had and hadn't told me. FEMALE INTUITION BABY or ESP whichever...

Spent the whole of last night playing Sims and trying to find something to spend my money on online. 
Next paper is Chem MCQ on Friday. Chemistry P2 yesterday sucked ): The first 39 marks were very doable but the last question which was 21 marks was oh-so-horrible like for 10marks I had absolutely NO CLUE as to what the answer could be sob sob.

8 more days from tomorrow!
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