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Friday, November 14, 2008
Huff puff puff a short run from drop-off point to the Hall and I'm out of breath. $10 taxi ride due to calling for one and because I didn't bother to take the change. Ran like the wind! Past a whole bunch of J1s going for some school thingy and my J1 Civics Tutor who laughed at me because she's very familiar with my late-coming habits (and despairs at them).

Entered the Hall with 4 minutes to spare! Cookies for me!!!

Chem MCQ... Started at a good speed but got distracted halfway captivated by another random girl asking the teacher for something. Result, didn't read the last 2 questions and hence eenie-meenie-miniee-moed for those and 3 other questions I had skipped. Sob ): And I actually knew (think I do anyway) the answer to the last question, which I had guessed wrongly!

Eeeee sorry I look so wannabe cutesy. 
Chloe: "I'm going to buy this if it's less than $30"
Sophie: "What for?!"
Chloe: "So soft! OMG it's like fifty bucks"

Crazy not. For that stupid beanie/hat.

Trawled through everything at F21, Warehouse, Topshop, Zara etc. No one found something to buy! Why like this. And prom dress how.

2 papers left (Bio). Ridiculous why must they drag 4 papers over 2 weeks for me. 2 papers left why must I end only on Thursday a.k.a missing Mambo and will be done when everyone else is busy sleeping in from having gone Mambo. Grrr.
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