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Saturday, November 29, 2008
Last night spelt having to consider wearing a seatbelt while sitting at the back of a Mini (usually you don't right?!) as I got hurtled around in the bumpiest ride ever.

Add that to getting lost in Serangoon for half an hour, then arriving at a THAI DISCO. HAHA omg experience of a lifetime, but I shan't call it entirely pleasant. Dirty Old Men "helping" the thai girls to pull up their tops saying it was too low, middle-aged business men who can't get girlfriends and etc. A.k.a, the clientele were all men. Hence all the thai girls stared at me wondering if I was a new recruit or something.
There were a couple of really pretty/hot thai girls though! What a waste.

Zouk after instead of movies cause it was too late, sadly severely underdressed because I wasn't expecting that we'd end up there! Sheesh tried to learn to appreciate trance but really, I can't even tell when one song starts and another ends.


2 days to Prom on Monday-
Addie: I got hit in the eye with a ping pong bat, got blue black!!!

Omg I still find it extremely amusing. 
Got my prom dress today, I gave up and headed straight to Guess and got the one I had reserved. The staff had to go to the Taka outlet to get my size though, hmph why do they not take teenage girls seriously when they reserve something?!

ANYWAY SO NO ONE MUST BUY THEIR DRESS FROM GUESS NOW THANKS. Okay although I'm probably the last person to be getting theirs at this late date but yeah, just don't go there haha I don't want to end up having a twin at Prom!

Later alligators need my beauty sleep and all that; alright I'm lying I still have carrot cake from SoupSpoon, which means I'll end up staying online for a long while more.
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