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Monday, November 10, 2008
Mother: "What's nice at McDonald's?"
Sophie: "Everything there is nice!!!!"
Mother: "You know when you were younger your only input on what house to buy was that it must be next to McDonald's..."

In 24hours all I've eaten is half a pizza. But I'm not very hungry. Every once in a while I look at my wrist and amaze myself at how thin it has become.

Feels like exams are over! But only in the sense that I just rot online alot more than usual, going out is still a no-no. I must at least ASPIRE to study. 10 more days to freedom from tomorrow onwards.

Chemistry Paper2 tomorrow. In retrospect, it's hard to fathom that I may never touch some of these subjects again. Like Math. I don't dislike it nor do I like it. But to think that I will never have to learn it again is scary.

Oh I was once offered to teach this little girl conversational French. Now I have no idea why I didn't take up the offer besides that at that point I was incredibly lazy. Especially when my mom just told me that they were going to pay me $100 AN HOUR WTF OMG.
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